Sunday, May 19, 2013

Show the Love

I can never pick favorites.

When asked for my favorite book or movie I'm always like "Well... I really like this one right now. But this one, and this one, and this one are all amazing too!"

So when asked about my favorite blogs - I have the same conundrum.

However, for today instead of picking my 5 favorite blogs I will share with you 5 blogs that I read regularly, that I LOVE, and I feel like need to be given more love.

Wes and Melanie-  Melanie was a roommate of mine one semester in college, and I love this girl to pieces. She recently moved to the East Coast with her hubby Wes and she's been blogging about her transition there and other things going on in her life. I've really enjoyed keeping in touch with her this way.

A Million Little Somethings-  Kayleigh has become such a wonderful blog friend! She took a mini blog hiatus recently because she got married and was busy with wedding plans. But she is back and is doing Blog Everyday in May as well!

Delightfully Awkward Brittany- Another blog friend I have come to love. I mean... don't you love her just by the title of her blog? Whenever someone can outright say that they are awkward, it's like an instant sign that I'll be friends with them.

Faith Permeating Life-  Jessica is one of the very first bloggers I became friends with. She was part of Love Drop and I met her last Christmas when we road tripped together for the final Drop in Milwaukee. She and her hubby recently moved and she blogs about "faith and logic meeting." Which is a perfect description of her blog.

Searching Sophia's Pockets-  Sophia as in, wisdom. Jenni was a good friend of mine in high school and she began this blog with a couple of other women knows. It's a pretty new blog, but I think it's wonderful. The posts are shorter, and they explore how we search for wisdom, or God, or Sophia, every day. They take guest bloggers from all walks of life and faith. It's honest and real.

Which blogs do you think deserve more love?


  1. Thanks so much for the mention! I've seen your blog listed on this prompt as well btw :) Wish I had checked in sooner & participated in this Every Day in May thing!

  2. Ahh, somehow I missed this one! Thanks for the shoutout! (still hoping you'll submit something, ahem ahem beautiful wise woman Emily who is always kicking ass)

    1. LOL I actually have been brainstorming ideas for this months theme... hopefully this weekend I'll have a chance to write something up. :)


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