Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday Shout Outs

Today's prompt for Blog Every Day in May is to profess my love for another blogger.

Awwww. How sweet.

However, I'm ridiculously indecisive. There are just SO MANY BLOGS that I read on a regular basis. The amount of tabs that pop up in my browser is ridiculous from all of the blogs I read. While many people would probably roll their eyes at me for reading so many, but I love seeing so many different perspectives and writing styles.

Surprisingly, I'm also really picky when it comes to the blogs I read. I'll go through phases where I'm reading A MILLION BLOGS and then get overwhelmed. Especially when half of them I don't even enjoy. (A girl can only look at so many bloggers drinking Starbucks with perfect nails and a beautiful outfit so many times... and that's coming from an intense Starbucks addict!) Then I'll go through my list and delete the ones I dislike.

Yet - I still have many that I read and therefore picking JUST ONE to declare my love for... it's just so hard.

Instead, I have decided to give shout-outs to my favorite posts of the week. While many of my bloggy friends have written great posts this week, there are the best.

So... here we go!

The Snark Squad. I LOVE this blog. It was started by Lor and Sweeny (but have guests share some snark too!) and basically they take things from popular culture and rip it to shreds. It's brilliant. This week they shared some fun announcements, started a new series on the TV show Pretty Little Liars, celebrated their 2nd birthday with a video, and continued with their "regular content" of snarking on Fifty Shades of Grey, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Game of Thrones. Just... go check them out. (I will warn you that they do have the mouths of an entire fleet of sailors...)

The Daily Tay.  This girl is awesome. She is from Nebraska but is studying improv at Second City in Chicago. Earlier this week she wrote a blog about how everything she needed to know about blogging she learned in Kindergarten.

The Life of Bon. You will FALL IN LOVE with Bonnie! She is a high school English teacher, and she shared this week how her classroom gave Gatsby a funeral. Seriously. Where was she was I was in high school????

I Wore Yoga Pants to Work. This week she poked fun at lifestyle bloggers. It was wonderful.

A Quick Succession of Busy Nothings. My amazing Australian friend Kirstie turned 30 this week! Go over to her blog and give her some love.

Across the Pond.  Meg is an American girl living in Europe. After some crazy life drama, she found the man of her dreams. Then after some more crazy life drama, they had to postpone their wedding. Then - they just did it and got married. Explore her blog and see more of the amazing love story, but this week she shared their first dance pictures. They were adorable.

Don't Quote the Raven. Raven tells it as it is. I don't agree with her on some things, but I love that she puts it all out there. This week she wrote about why she won't stop writing about controversial topics.

A Deeper Story. This is an amazing blog. It's written by a wide variety of people and they dig deep into faith. Triumphs, struggles, doubts, church, family, falling, hot topics, you name it. This week their post on why this particular writer doesn't want to be a "good Christian" any more really resonated with me.

A Place To Dwell. Kaite discovered Blog Every Day in May, but decided not to do it. However, she loves the idea and wrote about getting back to blogging basics.

Rewriting Life. Kaliegh is an amazing writer. This week she wrote about how Google sees you and how to make the most of Google Analytics. Great tips!

What blogs do you love? Read anything AMAZING this week you want to share?

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