Tuesday, May 14, 2013

10 Things That Make Me Really Happy

First off - I'm getting bad at this. I pre-scheduled all of my May posts so I could make sure I wrote them ahead of time and could stay on schedule. The plan was to write a post the day before it was supposed to be published and have it scheduled for 8am.

It's 7:37 this morning and I'm writing my post now.

So... there's that.

And since I'm tired and haven't had my morning coffee yet, I'm not going to think of a creative way to write today's writing prompt.

Which is "Ten Things That Make Me Really Happy."

So, here you go:

1) Coffee. Which I'm sure all of you know, and I'm really needing some right now because it's 7:30 in the morning.

2) My dog Bandit. He's sitting right next to me giving me a really cute face and it makes me smile.

3) Watching my shows. Yes, I mean TV. I know this sounds lame, but I think it goes with the whole storytelling thing. I love keeping up with stories and characters over a long period of time and then watching the re-runs. If I need to be cheered up - Netflix and DVDs of my favorite shows are right there waiting for me.

4) Books. Again - for people who read this blog regularly this is not a surprise. But I went to Barnes and Noble yesterday and bought a new book and I'm really excited. I also started reading The Silver Linings Playbook last night.

5) Seeing my friends and family. Over the weekend I went up to Chicago for a wedding, and it was so much fun seeing my family for a few days (especially since it was Mothers Day weekend) and catching up with old friends. We had a blast.

6) Also- good food. We had awesome food at the wedding and it made me so happy.

7) Creating something. I'm a storyteller/creator. I love working on a new project.

8) Sunny days. It's already warm and beautiful outside. It made me smile this morning.

9) Pictures. I take them all of the time and they are hung all around my apartment. I get it from my mom I think. But each picture has an awesome memory behind it and when I'm having a bad day it's good for me to see the faces of my family and friends.

10) Getting a blog post done on time.

OK... that last one is kind of cheating. But I am happy that I am finishing this at 7:45am! Woo!


  1. Love it!! The wedding was fun...wished I could have spent more time with you while you were in. :-)

  2. Coffee. Yes. I needed a #11 to add that to my list. I could drink it all day long.

  3. Today is the FIRST day that I haven't had my post ready to publish when I woke up! I can't believe how good this challenge is going for me. I am hoping to have some time later to get ahead again...look for your blog on my list for tomorrow! :)

    Loved your list!! :)


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