Friday, May 24, 2013

Top Three

"Shhh! Bring your voice down!"

I hear this a lot. I'll get really excited about something, or simply talk, and as I go on I can hear it. The volume of my voice raises (sometimes gets really squeaky) and I know people are noticing. But I can't stop it. It just... happens. Then someone in the group I'm in glares at me and tells me to try to be quieter because people are staring. Or they somewhat discreetly move us to another section of the coffee house. Or I notice that I can't really hear anyone else singing at church...

I'm loud.

I know it's a problem. (Unless I'm doing a play or musical- then it's awesome!) I know I embarrass people when my voice raises in public. I just can't help it. I have a weird sounding voice that carries. I'm working on it though.


For most people, they have their emotions set to a dimmer. They adjust it to create a good balance between different emotions and can control it somewhat easily. 

While I, on the other hand, like a vampire... 

Or a Mormon in a musical...

have a light switch. I turn it on or off, rarely is there an in-between.

Either I feel every emotion all of the time, or I turn it off. Something sad happens in Doctor Who, Harry Potter, or Downton Abby? I'm depressed for a week.

Someone dies, there's a shooting, or a tornado happens? 

Eh. What's for lunch?

Then I feel like a jerk - because I know there are things that should bother me. If I really thought about them, I'm sure they would... but they don't. I turn it off. 

I'm learning this is a huge problem, particularly when I have be mourning the deaths of Tybalt and Juliet and I can't do it. My director has been giving us these awesome tips for how to get those emotions out of us as we act, but I can't do it. I try to do everything, thinking of people I have unfinished business with and what would happen if they died that day... nothing.

On the other hand - I get overwhelmed by emotions. They build up and after time I break.


On a lighter note...

I'm awful at follow-through. I make plans or I tell people I'm going to do something. 

Then for some reason I just don't. I get busy with other things or it slips my mind, or I just plain procrastinate and it doesn't happen because it's too late. Or I get stuck on something and can't find a way around it and just stop. 

Procrastinators unite! ... Tomorrow.

It's so bad guys.


Today's prompt: My Top 3 Worst Traits

What are your worst traits? Can any of you relate?

And a bonus - I also have the problem of turning EVERYTHING into a Book of Mormon reference. #reasonsimabadchristian


  1. I totally feel you on the loud voice thing. I mean, i wrote an entire blog post about it.

    And I have a similar but different problem with the emotions. In that I'm suuuuper emotional, but I CAN'T turn it off. Or at least it doesn't feel like that. So I cry way more than I should and sometimes I cry when I feel like I shouldn't be crying and I'm pretty sure it makes people really uncomfortable. ((sigh))

  2. Apparently all bloggers procrastinate. At least according to all the posts today.

    Could have something to do with the fact that we love to write and read and sit on the internet, which isn't too conducive to cleaning the house and cooking and doing all sorts of productive stuff.


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