For those of you you are new to the blog - or just want a refresher- here's some posts to get you caught up/give you a taste of me and what I blog about! Check out all of them, or just the ones that you're interested in. Also feel free to explore "I Like To Talk About" for different topics.

I Love Jesus and Other Inspirational Type Stuff

When the Bad Guy Wins
Prayer Doesn't Always Work
Light in Darkness
Be Peter Pan
Jumping off the Ledge

I'm A Geek

Hi, My Name is Emily- And I Have a Problem
Harry Potter
Hunger Games
Art That Touches My Soul
Books I Read in 2013
Game of Thrones
I'm So, So Sorry

Thoughts on Love, Guys, Girls, Friendship, Beauty, and Dating

How Small Christian Universities Messed Up My View of Marriage and Happiness
Confessions of an Emotional Masochist 
Yup... I'm Single
Heartbreak Hotel
I Feel Pretty
Bulls Eye- Frienships
You're Not That Pretty

Tidbits About Me

I Quit My Job
Then I Got 2 Tattoos
I Break
Where I Live
My NYC Adventure
Letter to my 21-year Old Self
I Tell Stories

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