Saturday, May 4, 2013

It Is the Music of a People Who are Climbing to the Light

Les Misérables Quotes - Do you hear the people sing

It's no secret that I love the musical Les Miserables. I think it's absolutely beautiful. The song "Do You Hear the People Sing" gets me every time, and then again when they reprise the song during the finale. 

As my friend Nate once said, it's that movie about "sad dirty people." Which is basically true. (I've been trying to get him to see the movie/musical for months now... you all really should help me campaign for him to watch it. It's mainly out of spite at this point ... but he really should go see it.) Many of the characters are poor, dirty, and miserable. 

It's a sad story. Everyone basically dies (not an exaggeration) are mistreated and lose the battles they are fighting. 

But they are people who are climbing to the light. 

Les Miserables isn't just about a guy who stole bread and is running from the law, poor people in France fighting for political reform, and a sappy love triangle. 

It's about how you keep going. Even when you've lost, keep going and keep climbing. Keep loving people. Keep on showing grace. 

It's a story for all of us who feel like we are in a dark pit and will never get out. For those of us who feel like we are always losing. For everyone who has a cause they believe in and will die for. 

Because even when you're "lost in the valley of the night" you can walk towards the light. You can still hope, and love, and trust, and fight. 

Do you hear the people sing, lost in the valley of the night? 
It is the music of a people who are climbing to the light. 
For the wretched of the earth there is a flame that never dies. 
Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise. 

They will live again in freedom in the garden of the Lord. 
They will walk behind the ploughshare. They will put away the sword. 
The chain will be broken and all men will have their reward.

Will you join in our crusade? 
Who will be strong and stand with me? 
Somewhere beyond the barricade is there a world you long to see?

Do you hear the people sing? 
Say, do you hear the distant drums? 
It is the future that they bring when tomorrow comes!

- Inspired by The Story of My Life's blog prompt for May 4 for Blog Everyday in May. "Favorite Quote." I also wrote about a different quote here.


  1. That's what I love about Les Mis. Great analysis of the quote. I've been enjoying all ur May posts!!!

  2. Not gonna lie, I've always thought the line was "They will walk behind the bloodshed", which puts a completely different spin on the song...... It's also confused me for years because they're putting AWAY the sword, but there's bloodshed. WHUUUUUUUUT.

    Clearly, it should have occurred to me to check what the lyrics were. Fail.

    1. I can totally understand why you would hear that. And why you would be confused. lol.

  3. YES YES YES. No piece of entertainment has ever moved me as much as Les Mis did, and those lyrics from the end are the best part.

  4. You come visit me in MKE, and I'll watch this farce. ;)


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