Want to sponsor or feature your business?

It's easy - and affordable!

Each month I'll have four slots for ads available.

Option 1: $5 and you get your blog/store/button on the side of my blog for a month and you get a small feature on the blog.

Option 2: For $8 you'll get the same stuff as option 1, but you will also get a weekly social media shout out on the sites of your choice.

Option 3: For $10 you get all of the above PLUS a day when you get to take over my blog and do a guest post on a day that fits you. The topic can be your choice!

Need some other option because of limited funds and/or you have a business? Email me and we can work out a sponsor swap or something else that works for you.

All sponsorship's will be paid for through paypal. Please note, all money from sponsorship's will go toward anything blogging. (Myself sponsoring other blogs, paying for design and/or domain name, blog conferences, etc.) If you are interested, email me at

Want me to write for you? 

I'd love to! I write blog posts and short stories (or longer if time permits). Please look at my Get Caught Up page to see some of my best blog posts. For inquiries and requests for fictional samples, please email me. 


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    1. Really? Weird. I'll have to look into that. And what do you mean by "no reply blogger?" I've never heard of that phrase. (I feel like I fail at blogging!)


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