Monday, May 20, 2013

Am I Good?

As you're reading this, I am probably laying in bed attempting to get some much needed sleep because Sunday night I would have stayed up all night at a lock-in.

As I'm attempting to sleep I'm probably wondering why staying up all night with a bunch of teenagers was a good idea.

So, here's hoping I'm getting rest right now.

Anyways. Moving on.

Am I good?

I feel like it's something we all wonder about. Not good as in "am I a good person?" Although I suppose we all wonder this as well at some point, but that's not what I'm talking about.

Am I good at what I do?

Towards the begining of Blog Everyday in May I wrote about what I do. I claimed to be a storyteller. 

While that is what I say I do and what I love... does that mean I am any good at it?

There are times I claim I'm good at my job - but am I really? What does that even mean?

I think about writing and my blog. I re-read and think about stories I"m working on and can't help but doubt everything I have written down. Why would anyone want to read this? Why would anyone want to publish it? Who am I to think I can make it as a writer?

I look at other bloggers and how they have only been blogging for a year or so and they have a few thousand followers. I've been blogging for a few years and don't even have up to 200 (according to Google). Why them and not me?

When I perform on stage I feel like I'm doing a good job, but when I see other actors and see the accomplishments of other people, I doubt myself. Maybe I'm not as good as I thought.

Looking at the surface of other youth ministers and everything they do and have accomplished, I doubt how good I am too.

So how do you know? How do you know if you are good at what you do?


Today's prompt: Get Real. Something I'm Struggling With Right Now. 

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  1. I think the fact that you are even asking yourself this question means you are probably better than most at the things you do- otherwise you wouldn't care (and some, unfortunately, do not).


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