Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Five Songs

I love music. I need it on almost at all times. (Although  in my car I've been listening to an audio book this month.) Right now I have my office to myself when usually I share it. To make up for the lack of noise I have music from my iPad playing in the background. When I'm at home reading, cleaning the apartment, doing dishes - I need to have some sort of noise. Music, a TV show, a YouTube video, a movie, SOMETHING.

Sometimes the music I'm listening to relates to my life. Something I can connect with and say "that's exactly how I feel right now." Sometimes it's not. Sometimes it's just music that I like.

One song that's been in my life lately has been "Rumor Has It" by Adele. I was recently helping with the play "Rumors" by doing lights and sound, but I also run the theatre's Facebook page. For the promotional videos I decided "Rumor Has It" was the perfect theme song.

With the finale of Smash that was on Sunday... I have to add something from the show to my list. Also, I've been listening to Smash music practically non-stop since January. This is "Rewrite This Story" from the shows "musical" Hit List. I love this song because I feel as though we all have those times we can go back and change how certain events have gone. 

So, you know this guy from Les Miserables?

Yeah... the actor's name is Aaron Tevit and he's a big name on Broadway. He starred in the short-lived Catch Me If You Can. This is him singing the song "Goodbye." It really has nothing to do with my life right now, I just really like the song and love his voice.

While we're on the subject of short-lived musicals. I've been in love with the show Bonnie and Clyde lately. It starred Jeremy Jordan and Laura Osnes. This is Laura (Bonnie) singing "How 'bout A Dance?"

Sigh... I know.. I listen to far too many musicals for the average person. I'm sorry. Don't worry, for my last song I'll share one I recently "rediscovered." 

I was letting my iPod go on shuffle and randomly the song "Not Like the Movies" by Katy Perry came on. I probably haven't listened to it since I downloaded her album Teenage Dream. Why I haven't listened to this track since then, I have no idea. Because it's amazing. Heart breaking, but beautiful.

What music have you been listening to lately?

Today's Prompt: Five Songs or Pieces of Music

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  1. I swear our love of music is a huge bond between us. I don't know many people who love music as much as we do. I've been listening to a lot of Maroon 5 lately. But the main artist I've been turning to is Ari Hest. He's not famous, but I absolutely love his music, lyrics, and voice. I highly recommend you check him out! :-)


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