Friday, May 17, 2013

No Pictures, Please

I don't usually like photos of myself. It's just... ugh.

I'm not very photogenic and when I go through photos of myself I can't help but cringe.

Yes, I realize a lot of girls say this. But from what I can tell (at least in the blog world) most girls are all "OMG I hate that picture because I'm making a silly face and I look kind of awkward" when in reality that weird face and so called "awkward" pose actually works on them and they look adorable.

Some girls can wear sweat pants and make the dumbest facial expression ever and still look amazing in photos.

That's not me.

Granted, as I've gotten older I've gotten better. I feel like I know what to do when a camera lens is pointed at me, and I actually know how to dress myself so I don't look ridiculous all of the time. I've also gotten more confident in myself as I've gotten older, so pictures aren't as bad as they used to be.

However, when asked to pick a picture of myself that is my favorite, it was way harder than I thought it would be. I hate looking at them. Also, most of the pictures I like of myself have been posted on this blog A LOT and I use them for my buttons, banners, headers, and other promotional stuff.

Then when I saw pictures I actually liked - I couldn't pick just one! Not because I like how I look in each of them and I"m all "OMG I'm so attractive" but simply because each photo holds such great memories.

This photo was taken at spring formal my senior year at Concordia. My friend Arif was my "date" (he's more like my brother....) and I remember when I saw how this picture turned out I actually liked it. Which is really rare and it was one of the first times I saw a picture of myself and was like "Wow... I kinda look good." It was my Facebook profile photo for months. It also brings back a lot of good memories from college and makes me nostalgic for my old friends. I really need to get back in touch with some of those people because they are amazing.

This was taken Christmas 2011. It's of my sister and I. The photo quality isn't that great, but I really like this one. We look so pretty and Christmasy!

At my friend Julie's wedding two years ago. She did an awesome job of picking out bridesmaid dresses!

More recently, this is my mom and I over Thanksgiving this past year. It was the perfect Thanksgiving vacation. The day before my mom, sister, and I went downtown to see Les Miserables then wandered around the city looking at all of the Christmas lights. 

Do you all like pictures of yourself? Do you have issues like me?

Today's prompt: Your Favorite Picture of Yourself and Why. Link up here.


  1. You look lovely in all those pics! I hate most photos of myself too, there are very few I like and I don't look cute pulling faces :)

  2. Aww, it's really about the memories more than looking good! Totally! But don't sell yourself short. I actually love how beautiful you look in your first picture!

  3. I so agree..I am way more caught up with how I felt and the memory of the moment, much more than the picture itself. And I agree, you look beautiful in these, especially the one with your mama, you look so happy :)

  4. I hate 98% of all pictures taken of me! But girl! You look ADORABLE in all of these. :)

  5. I am so honored to be in one of your pictures!! I love that picture of us :-). I agree that memories make pictures beautiful. And u look gorgeous in all of these pictures!!!! I'm usually ok with pictures of myself, EXCEPT a selfie pic. Anytime I try to take a pic of myself on my phone I feel like I look warped, lol.


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