Monday, January 31, 2011

Mingle Monday

Here is my little plug for other blogs! The last couple of months I have connected with other bloggers on the 20sb website. (20 Something Bloggers) It's pretty much reading what other people have to say and getting your name out there. One of the blogs I've started to follow from 20sb is Every Monday she does "Mingle Monday." Whether you blog or just like to read them, click on the photo below to get to her website. There you can find other blogs and see what they are up to! Happy Monday!

Mingle 240

Friday, January 28, 2011

Human Branding- Pt. 2

First of all... I know that this post is supposed to be my second part of Human Branding, and it is. But you may remember earlier this month I posted a blog for Love Drop. Well... they just dropped some love on Jill! Here's the link to watch the video. It's so awesome!

If you would like to help drop some love go to:

Monday, January 24, 2011

Human Branding - Pt 1

Social Networking.
This is nothing new. 

Correction.... in the span of the thousands of years the world has been in existence, it's brand new. But for those of us living in  the 21st Century (or the Google World as Leonoard Sweet would say), it's practically old news. If you don't know what I mean when I say "social networking" you have been living under a rock the last five or so years. 
The amount of internet social networks out there right now is kind of overwhelming actually. Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, YouTube, Flickr, Four Square, Linkedin, Blogger, 20sb, I could go on forever. You can't go anywhere without someone advertising their Facebook or Twitter account. It's as if our world is run by the internet, and Mark Zuckerberg  is the king. Seriously . . . there's a freaking movie about him that makes him look like the biggest jerk in the universe but Facebook isn't going anywhere anytime soon, and People Magazine has declared him the person of the year. He is king of this universe in a sense. 

Monday, January 17, 2011

Love Drop #1- Jill

It's funny how God talks to us sometimes.

The last week or so I've been reading the book Save Me From Myself by Brian "Head" Welch. For those of you who are familiar with late 90's early 2000's rock/metal scene.... yes that is the lead guitarist from the band Korn. I wasn't that into Korn back then. I liked some of their stuff, but when they were popular I was more of an NSYNC girl. Although I was familiar with some of their hits because some of my closest friends were fans. So when I saw Head's book at Barnes and Noble I couldn't help but do a double take.

Is that who I think it is??????

Yup. Apparently I had been living under a rock and "Head" had become a Christian then wrote a book about it. He has another one out that is a 40 day devotional. I'm considering reading it during Lent. So naturally I pick it up. Today I finally got to the part when God woke him up and brought Head closer to him. It's pretty amazing. It happened so quickly and it was so drastic I felt like I was reading about the Apostle Paul's conversion in the Bible. The day after he did a public testimony he flew off to Israel and now I'm reading about when he goes to India.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Harry Potter + Bible = AWESOME

 What happens when you get two fairly creative type of people sitting around on a slow afternoon when neither want to write on the stuff they are supposed to be writing on?  You get something like this.  Now we (myself and guest co-blogger PM2) are not trying to be sacrilegious or irreverent but simply have some fun and get people to think a little bit.   Complaints can be sent to

So we started thinking, if you were going to recast the Harry Potter movies with Bible characters, how would you do it?

The Heroes

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'll Understand Someday - So I've Heard

Everyone has wished that their lives could be like a movie or TV show. Personally, I have always wanted to live in the TV show Boy Meets World, for example. It seems as though when we watch favorite characters their lives always seem to come together, or they reflect how we wish things really were. But we always know that we live in reality, not in a small screen that sits in our living room. Well . . . at least in my apartment its a small screen.

About a week ago I had my very own "I feel like I'm in a TV show" moment. Although it was not from Boy Meets World. It was Sex and the City. Which is strange considering my life is NOTHING like the lives of these four characters in the TV show. 

I was invited to a party for some people that I know. I was excited to go because I have learned that since moving to Missouri my social life has been practically non-existent. So the opportunity to meet new people and to hang out with some friends seemed like fun. I knew that I wouldn't know many people there, but I had a few friends going and surely they would introduce me. 

Apparently not. 

It was a married couples party. There was perhaps one other single person in the room from what I could tell. All of the guests had come with their spouses, and some even their children. Now don't get me wrong, my friends who were there are wonderful people and I did have a good time. But I couldn't help but feel . . . out of place. All of the married couples were talking to one another and having fun. I have no idea what they were talking about because I was not invited into these conversations. I was not even introduced to the guests at the party I did not know.