Friday, May 3, 2013

Cold and Creepy

From 2006-2010, TBS ran a TV show called "My Boys."

It was about a female sports reporter (Andi) and the guys she hangs out with. I loved the premise of the show for two reasons.

1) It took place in Chicago. Yes... they were Cubs fans. However, with so many TV shows taking place in NYC I was able to forgive that detail and just enjoy the setting of my hometown.

2) As a female with several male friends, it was refreshing to see something were men and women could be friends and not have that "what are we" conversation, simply because it wasn't needed. Men and women could be friends, and only friends. (Who knew?)

The cast of My Boys on TBS

At one point in the show, Andi's older brother and his wife decide to leave the city to live in the dreaded suburbs. Not just any suburbs. Oh no, the paramount of all of suburbia, the dreaded Naperville. One day, he is visiting his friends in the city, and he complains about how his neighbors are too friendly. It is then that he says one of my favorite quotes from the show:

"I miss the city where your neighbors are cold and creepy, the way they should be."

For some people, this is ridiculous. Who doesn't want friendly neighbors?

I knew exactly what he meant.

Now, it's great to have good neighbors. People who will get your mail for you when you're out of town, let you borrow a cup of sugar (it wasn't until I moved to Missouri that I learned people ACTUALLY do this), don't care if your dog does #2 in their yard... etc. It's great.

However, overly friendly neighbors freak me out.

When it's early Saturday morning, I'm walking the dog, and I'm still in my pajamas because .. IT'S SATURDAY, I really don't want to have a fifteen minute chit-chat.

There are times when I've had a really long and stressful day and all I want to do is get into my apartment, change into sweatpants, and watch re-runs of some awful TV-show. Overly friendly neighbors don't get this hint when they see you step out of your car at the end of the day.

Then... there are the random people at the store. People I don't even know, and they'll just start talking to me in the milk aisle at Walmart.

WHY? What if I just want to shop?

In larger cities, while yes, this does happen. It's not uncommon to have friendly neighbors and random conversations with people while you're out and about. But for the most part, if you just want to get in and out, or keep to yourself, it's easy to do.

It's not that they aren't friendly or don't like people. They do! There are simply so many of them, that if you were super friendly to each and every person you came across, you would burn out. That's just how it is.

Generally, I like people. Crazy, I know. But it's true. I love being around people and striking up conversations and making new friends. But, I still like my neighbors cold and creepy.

Is that so much to ask?

- Inspired by The Story of My Life's blog prompt for May 3 for Blog Everyday May. "Things That Make Me Uncomfortable."


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