Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Piece of Advice

Be nice to the help.

I'm not talking about having a maid or something (although I guess that would apply if you do have help around the house). I'm talking about your waiter, waitress, customer service person, the guy on the help line, etc.

Be nice to them.

I know I fail at this a lot (especially the guy on the help line and they just aren't listening and I'm super frustrated because I'm paying too much for cable.... but that's solved now since I no longer have cable. Ha!). But we should still try to do it.

Yes, there are a lot of personal benefits. They won't spit on your food, the nicer you are the better your service will be, blah blah blah.

But even beyond that - be nice to the help. I have family members and friends who work in customer service and let me tell you, from what I hear it's not fun.

The tips are awful and they basically have to live on that.

They have to deal with grumpy customers ALL DAY LONG.

Maybe they're having a bad day and you complaining at them isn't going to help.

Maybe they're saving up to buy a house, for a ring to propose to their significant other, trying to get through school, they have kids at home and not a lot of help... and you being mean, complaining, and skipping out on a tip isn't going to help them at all.

It's about being kind to the people around you in general. Yes, when you go somewhere they are there to serve you. That's their job. I get it.

However, if you need something, or if something is wrong, be kind about it. You can request to have your food taken back or have something fixed in a kind way. You don't have to be rude.

Their job is hard enough without you being a jerk.

While yes they are there to serve YOU the customer - you still need to realize that it's not about you.

Today's prompt for Blog Every Day in May was "A Piece of Advice for Others."


  1. Exactly. Just because someone is in customer service doesn't mean that you are above them. Doesn't mean you can treat them like they are nothing or nobody. You have absolutely no idea who they are. Be nice. Tip big.

  2. THis is right up there with watch how a guy treats his mother because its how he will treat you. Its so true...cant be nice to the help...not a nice person. I loved the title of your blog...its what drew me to your site from the list. Gonna follow and check the rest out!

  3. Oooh, I hadn't been expecting a post in this direction for today's prompt. I like what you've written. I always try to be nice too. They're all people like you and me, after all. Just doing their job.

  4. ive worked in customer service and some people are sooo rude...i hope everyone listens to your lovely post today :)

  5. Amen sister!!! Sometimes I'm amazed at how cruel people can be to one another. I've seen people yell at waiters for bringing a regular coke when they asked for diet...come on people! Even in my profession I get nasty emails and rude notes. People need to realize that a little kindness goes a long way.


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