Sunday, May 26, 2013

Links Links Links!

If you're friends with me on Facebook... you probably get an overload of links to articles and blog posts I've been reading.

Sorry about that.

I know most of you probably don't read them.

So, when I saw that the blog prompt for today was "Something You Read Online. Leave a link and discuss, if you'd like." I was really excited!

Someone is actually TELLING me to share links!!!!!

Then as I was going through my Facebook feed this past week, I noticed that I hadn't shared many links the last few days.

Of course. THE ONE TIME.

But never fear! I found a few that I think you all will enjoy.

First - for you Doctor Who/Torchwood/Musical fans... I found this article about John Barrowman (Captain Jack from Doctor Who and Torchwood) and how he's putting on a new reality show on ABC called "Sing Your Face Off." Captain Jack and singing? Yes please!

You all may have heard about the teenager with cancer who died this week and wrote a song called "Clouds." My friend Nate wrote about him last week in this post.  Grab some tissues, you might cry if you tend to do that sort of thing.

The other day, Taylor from The Daily Tay wrote about how a few years ago she and her boyfriend were living the lifestyle of good responsible adults. Then they decided to move to Neverland... aka... Chicago. Which I love. 1) Because Chicago is the best city ever. I mean, I came from there. So naturally it's the best. 2) Who doesn't want to go to Neverland? 3) It shows how sometimes the "traditional responsible adult" route isn't for everyone - and that's okay.

And finally, Nadine, from Back East Blonde, wrote this post about why TV is good for you. I laughed and it made me feel much better about spending all of Monday afternoon watching Greys Anatomy.

What have you found floating around the internet this week? Anything you would like to share? Put the links in the comments!

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  1. Not really relevent, but I always think that guy is a younger Tom Cruise. Seriously, it's a bit creepy how similar they are!


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