Saturday, May 25, 2013

I Remember

I'm sorry, but if you have ever said anything to me I don't remember what it was.

It's not that I didn't take it to heart, or that it wasn't important to me. It was. Trust me. Although, it makes me feel bad that I don't remember. I've been in so many affirmation circles on mission trips - you'd think that at least one thing would stick out to me.

Unless it was a short joke. I remember a lot of those.

But here is what I do remember:

I remember the way you made me feel. While the exact words don't come to my mind, I know the way you said things and they way you did things.

I remember how when I'm with the people who have impacted me the most how I feel important, special, and loved around them.

I remember moments of when we've laughed and cried.

I remember little gifts people might have given me.

I remember when people have helped me when I needed it.

Encouraged me when I was down.

Let me be myself without judgement.

Your words are important to me, and I soak in any sort of encouragement or affirmation that comes my way. So please don't take this as "don't ever compliment me because I won't remember."

But also don't be hurt if I don't remember the exact thing you said - because I remember other things you did.

Today's Prompt: Something Someone Told You About Yourself That You'll Never Forget (Good or Bad)

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  1. I agree: actions are remembered far longer than words


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