Monday, April 4, 2011

Times When I Want to Visit California and Europe

Day 4: Favorite Book of Your Favorite Series

I couldn't choose just one. Sorry.

One of my favorites is the first book of the Christy Miller Series: Summer Promise. It's all about Christy going to California to spend the summer with her Aunt Marti and Uncle Bob. She meets some amazing people (Like Todd!!!!! He's one of my all time favorite male characters.) and experiences things she never has before in her life that make her rethink everything. I remember reading this book and seeing myself in Christy. We had the same thoughts and insecurities and came from very similar childhoods. So I knew exactly where she was coming from. When I read this, I felt like the author wrote it just for me. I hope EVERY teenager has a time in their life like in Summer Promise. It's a time when everything is flipped upside down and you begin to really see what life is all about.

The other is the first book in Christy and Todd the College Years: Until Tomorrow. This book is so fun! Christy and Todd and Katie are in Europe traveling around everywhere. As someone who has always wanted to travel, this book was awesome! I mean, who doesn't want to be romanced by cute boy Todd while galavanting around Europe with your best friend and seeing castles and visiting historical places, all the while seeing God's plan for your life? This is one of the books where you really see Christy and Todd's relationship blossom and go from more than just "I really really really like you." It's so sweet, romantic, and fun!

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  1. Ah!! You picked my all time favorite series of books, too! And I have such a hard time finding others who love them as much as I do. Reading the book when they are in Europe is the first thing that made me think I'd want to travel. And I finally did - I went to Greece in March! p.s. visiting from Mingle Monday


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