Thursday, April 7, 2011

I Like to Pretend I'm Irish Sometimes

Day 7: Most Underrated Book

First, I just want to say that doing blogs on books has been so much fun, simply for the fact that there are so many fellow readers out there who have the same feelings about books and novels as I do!

Yet again - I had a hard time figuring out what book to write about for today. There are so many books that I enjoy, but I was having difficulty figuring out which was the most underrated. I guess that's why they call it a 30 Day CHALLENGE, right?

The book I finally chose was Gracelin O'Malley by Catherine Moore.
I found it at Borders a few years back, and simply loved it. It's about a girl named Grace who lives in Ireland during the potato famine and at the age of 16 marries a wealthy, but abusive man. Yet, despite her troubles she overcomes. (As corny as that sounds, it's what happens. I would give you more details but you just have to read the book yourself!) It's a sad story, but really inspiring too. It's also a trilogy. The second book is Leaving Ireland and the third is 'Til Morning Light.

If you love Ireland, inspirational stories, drama, love, or historical fiction, you'll love Gracelin O'Malley!

All of the reviews for this book are wonderful, but not many people have read it. Which makes me sad. It's one of those books I feel like should be a classic best seller - but it's not.

So go read it!

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  1. I might not be commenting but I am making a mental note of all these books and though I am a non reader some of them really wanna make me get back to reading!

  2. mmm I will be resorting to your collection of reviews come the season of life where I can hide away and go read freely at Barnes and Noble for hours a time or two per week :). Until then keep writing and thank you!




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