Saturday, April 2, 2011

I'll Never Let Go

Day 2: A Book You Have Read More Than 3 Times

This was actually somewhat difficult to think of. While I have re-read books several times, I haven't as much lately as I did back in jr. high and high school. Unless you count Harry Potter of course, but I have already established that I will not be using Harry Potter to answer these questions for the 30 Day Book Challenge. I looked at my bookshelf for awhile as I debated which book to feature in today's post. Searching for the novels whose spines have several bent marks in them and pages that have been softened from having been turned so often.
The book I decided to feature is from my Jr. High/High School days.

Titanic- The Long Night by Diane Hoh

Now, before you go all judgmental on me - hear me out. I went through a Titanic phase when I was in jr. high, which was when the epic movie "Titanic" came out in theatres. (Oh Leonardo DiCaprio when he was younger...)If you were between the ages of 11-18 at that time, you went through a Titanic phase whether you admit it or not. Everyone was obsessed with it. We all read the magazines, pasted the pictures on our walls, and went to see it in movie theatres several times. It was simply how it was.

Well, since I could not watch the movie over and over again every day (it was 3 hours long and I had to go to school at some point) I found this book. I fell in love. Titanic - The Long Night follows two couples. One in first class, the other in third. There are some elements that are similar to the movie. (In first class, Elizabeth wants to rebel against her parents and the marriage arranged for her then meets a charming male artist.) But when they include the other couple in third class, it adds something a bit different.

I used to carry that book around with me all of the time and read it over and over again. Even when I was in the hospital and too tired to hold a book I would make my mom read it to me. It was my first book that got me interested in stories that were a bit more romantic, and the characters were fun and colorful. Come to think of it, this was also the book I'm sure made some of my classmates think that I was a little crazy. Oh well.

Perfect for a 14 year old girl going through a Titanic phase. To close... I leave you with Celine Dion. I might just have to go home and watch this movie now, or at least listen to the soundtrack.

And stay tuned in the next few days for part two of my Adventures in the Kitchen! 


  1. I wish I could read. Lucky. :(


  2. I'm tired of the movie, but think the book would be more interesting. This might be my next choice. Thanks Em!


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