Thursday, April 21, 2011

Growing Up In America

Day 21: Favorite Book From Your Childhood

Hmm.... well, I already did this in a way. You can find it here. But I guess I can briefly talk about one. Or to be more specific - a book series.

I loved American Girl when I was a kid. I feel as though those books are the reason why historical novels are some of my favorites. Molly was the best. (Although I loved all of the other girls too!)

Molly lived in 1944 and her dad was a doctor away in England during World War Two. She had an active imagination, thought of crazy ideas, hated turnips (but who DOESN'T???), loved to tap dance, was terrible at math (just like me), and had a friend from England named Emily. So naturally... she was the best American Girl ever.

There are so many amazing things about American Girl.

First - it gets girls to read. They have great characters that girls can relate to and they are learning about history.

They also have dolls. I LOVED playing with dolls as a kid, so having a book and a doll was just perfect.

Another great thing is that American Girl is all about the girl power and being a positive influence. From the books, to the dolls, to the magazines, to the plays, to the clothes, it's all about having a positive influence on young girls. They teach about believing in yourself, America, your family, and your friends. They teach life lessons while still having fun and learning about America. And in a world filled with Lindsey Lohans, Gossip Girl, HBO & Showtime, and a million other things out there - they need organizations like American Girl.

So thanks American Girl (and particularly Molly!) for being there when I was a kid! :D

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