Sunday, April 3, 2011

Adventures in the Kitchen - Part 2

The conclusion of my Adventures in the Kitchen! If you need to catch up, click here: AWESOME VIDEO BLOG POST!

Look at how gooey and lumpy it is...
It had to be on the stove for over an hour... 
This is what it looked like this morning. I was afraid to take it out because it might fall apart. 
TJMax Turkish Delight- which was surprisingly good!
I blame C.S. Lewis for making me go through this.

And now -for my April 30 Day Challenge!

Day 3: Your Favorite Series

Technically, it's three series. But they all are about the same characters so I count it as one.

The Christy Miller Series; Christy and Todd the College Years; and The Katie Weldon Series by Robin Jones Gunn

In the spring of my 8th grade year and my mom took me to a Bible book store in town. I had never found books there that I liked, but I figured that the young adult part of the store would be my best bet at finding something worthwhile. I came across "Summer Promise." It was about a fourteen year old girl named Christy from Wisconsin, and she spends the summer in California with her aunt and uncle. Looked decent to me, so I picked it up. Little was I to know that little book would turn into a life-long friendship.

OK - I know that sounds corny and stupid, but those of you who are book lovers like I am know exactly what I mean. Christy and her friends have been there with me through every phase of my life ever since I was thirteen. High school, college, life after college, boys, friends, trips, etc. I really feel like God placed these books into my life for a reason - and he's brought me closer to him through them. The author is more conservative than I am, but I still learn and grow every time I read these books. Several of them fall into the "read more than three times" category. I give these books as a gift to the teenage girls I work with, and I hope someday to give them to my daughter.

My Christy Miller Collection
There are twelve books for Christy Miller, three for Christy and Todd the College Years, and three for Kaite Weldon. Robin Jones Gunn also wrote a series about Seira Jenson that I still have to read. However, I am missing one book (Starry Night), so if anyone wants to get it fore me I'll love you forever. If you want more info on Robin Jones Gunn and her writing, she's on Facebook and Twitter. Her posts & newsletters always make me smile!

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  1. Hahahahha omg Emily <3 Loved it, And lots of love to the kids at your Sunday school too!!!

  2. I totally know about the life long friendships through books!

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