Monday, July 8, 2013

Why You Should Watch Supernatural

Hey guys! I’m Kirsti, and I blog over at A Quick Succession of Busy Nothings, although you may know it better as Melbourne on my Mind. You may remember me from such occasions as The Time Emily Went to Wizarding World of Harry Potter, or The Time Emily Went to Disney World. And you guys, I have a confession to make: I think I’m responsible (at least in part) for Emily’s newfound obsession with Supernatural... I’ve been on the Supernatural bandwagon since it first started airing in Australia in 2006 (yeah, we get things late down here), and loved it pretty much from the get go. Although I AM an epic wuss, so I spent a large proportion of the pilot hiding behind a cushion... My love of the show grew in leaps and bounds to the point where I would try and say something on Twitter or in an email about how I needed to go to the supermarket, and my fingers would type “Supernatural” by default. It’s a problem.
Anyway, I figured that there was every possibility that there were other people out there in the blogosphere who haven’t yet been exposed to my insane fangirling/drunk the metaphorical Koolaid, so when Emily asked me to write a guest post there was pretty much only one thing that sprang to mind. ESPECIALLY when you add in how much I love lists.
25 reasons why you should be watching Supernatural:
1. Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester. You guys, he’s PHENOMENAL.

And that was just the pilot.

2. Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester. You can’t not love Sam Winchester.

3. Super sucky parenting of Buffy-esque proportions. Basically, Sam and Dean’s mother dies when they’re kids, and their father raises them to hunt down supernatural beasties. But he’s also kind of an extreme asshat.

4. Super awesome surrogate parenting of Buffy-esque proportions. In short, Bobby Singer is the greatest.

5. Time travel and potential paradoxes of Doctor Who-esque proportions. This comes in the more recent seasons, so don’t get confused if you start watching and everything’s happening in the present. The wibbly wobbly, timey wimey stuff will turn up, I promise.

6. Misha Collins as Castiel. He’s an incredible actor.

7. An awesome means of transportation, just like in Doctor Who.

Meet "Baby" yall.

8. It’s not even remotely the show you think it is on the surface.

9. Death is only the beginning. Otherwise known as “The Rory Williams Factor”.

10. These guys know how to hit the books and do some quality research. Otherwise known as the “Hermione Granger Factor”.

11. There’s an episode set in Cape Girardeau. (Emmy's note: it's not accurate about Cape at all though...)

12. The “No, this isn’t from the gag reel, it actually happened” factor.

13. Scratching as a dance move.

14. The music. If you’re a fan of 70s and 80s rock, you’ll love it.

15. The ACTUAL gag reels.

16. You can’t fake chemistry. This cast has it in spades.


Outtake from the THIRD EPISODE OF SEASON 1.

17. Jared Padalecki met his wife because of the show. There’s a stupidly adorable kid in the world now because this show exists.

18. It will rip your heart out and stomp it into pieces over and over again. Just like BuffyDoctor WhoFirefly,Game of Thrones, and pretty much any decent show on television.

19. Real crying. You know how in some shows the male characters “cry”, and you can just tell that the actors are scrunching up their faces and hoping it looks half way authentic, but it never does? Yeah, not these guys.

 He thought about his dogs dying, and this was the result.

20. The Gilmore Girls factor. Not only does it have Jared Padalecki in it, but there’s a spectacular reference to Gilmore Girls in season 2.

21. Felicia Day. Come on, who doesn’t love Felicia Day?? Again, she turns up in the really recent seasons, so don’t be surprised if you start watching and she’s not around. Her character is worth the wait. 

 Yes, she’s talking to a Hermione Granger bobblehead. 

22. Ye olden times weapons, just like Firefly.

23. The dialogue is freaking amazing.

24. The cast are ridiculously generous with their time when it comes to fans. (Emmy's Note: I personally haven't experienced it yet, but from what I can tell it's true. It makes me want to meet them just because of that.)

25. I mean, come on:

How can you look at those three dorks and not want to watch them for hours?!
So there you have it. 25 reasons why you should be watching Supernatural. Let me know if you join me on Team Free Will (or let me know if you’re already a saltgunner, for that matter!), and I’ll send you a crate of Kleenex as a welcome gift. You’ll need them.
K xx

Emmy's note: Kirstie is another person who came to my rescue when I needed more guest bloggers while I was gone. Holy cow did she deliver! She is definitely one of the big reasons for my new Supernatural obsession and the obscene amount of Winchester brother pictures on the blog. Don't forget to check out her blog too!


  1. I actually JUST started watching Supernatural... although I did have to skip one episode already I like it so far!

    1. I just started this summer and I'm SO ADDICTED! What episode are you on?

    2. Was it the clown episode? Because I totally won't judge you if you skipped the clown episode. That thing was freaky.

  2. I love Buffy, Dr Who, and Harry Potter...looks like I need to watch this show!! Lol Hope it's on Netflix!

    1. That's how I've been watching! It's sooooo good. You need to watch it. I get scared and end up having to put it on mute and reading subtitles sometimes... but I can't stop watching.

    2. If you like those three, then you're well prepared for Supernatural!

  3. And the cast photos are always purposely super awkward and hilarious. I love this show and i was so excited when Felicia Day showed up!

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