Monday, July 29, 2013

Special Words

Emily is off to Texas with a whole bunch of teenagers to go to a National Youth Convention event. 19 of them and her, I think I heard. On a bus, for a few, fun!

As a member of the church where Emily works and ministers, and as a writer, I was asked to write notes to some of these 20 people as they attended this event and travelled back and forth by bus. One of the fathers had the idea that a surprise note for each person attending this event every day would be a good encouragement to them. (I hope he is right. )

So I did that - wrote 9 or 10 notes to the young people whose names I was given, and one to Emily as well, as she was also on my list. I was to write a note for the individual for a certain date of the trip, and these were to be handed out on the bus every morning.

It was an interesting process, writing these notes. I spent time in prayer before writing each one, and asked the Holy Spirit to guide my thoughts as I was writing, and to touch each person as they read my notes. I wrote from my heart and what I thought God wanted me to say. Then when I was done, I re-read what I had written, and was quite amazed at my audacity. Well, actually, not mine, but the Holy Spirit's boldness. These were not words I would have ordinarily written to people I knew, even if I was their BFF. The words all spoke directly to certain issues, and believe me, except for Emily, I do not know these kids. But God knows their hearts, and what they need each day of this important week.

Mark 13:11 "Just say whatever is given you at the time, for it is not you speaking, but the Holy Spirit."

And I was reminded that God does know our inner heart, knows us better than our best friends, or even our boyfriend/girlfriend, spouse, or our parents. God's Holy Spirit amazes me continually, and gives me information and direction about how to live my life to please God, if I only listen. That's why I have two ears and one mouth, I also keep reminding myself. Not to sound weird or airy-fairyish, but I know that if I listen, God will give me direction. And deep down I already knew what was right - in God's eyes - and what I needed to do.

As children of God, we have not only the right, but also the privilege, to be directed by the Holy Spirit. We are to be guided and comforted by his nudges to do what is right in the eyes of God - not in our own eyes, because we often have warped views of right and wrong based on how we were brought up, or what experiences life has brought us, or past poor or wrong decisions we have made. However, if we have given our hearts and lives to God and his forgiving love, we can take a quiet moment, and actually listen to His Spirit's gentle nudge. I say nudge because God rarely speaks with thunderous tones. If He did, we would all listen, wouldn't we?. No, it is with quiet nudges and gut impressions, so that we would slow ourselves down enough to listen...and understand that this is God's direction, not our own.

Romans 15:13 "May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit".

So, Emily, as you go to this possibly life-changing event with these 19 teenagers, I pray that the Holy Spirit will return you to your blog with joy and enthusiasm!!

Emmy's Note: Technically... I'm in Alabama this week. This post was intended for when I was in Texas at the beginning of the month, but because of limited time to get to the internet, I wasn't able to get this up during that trip. Sorry Reno! However, it's interesting to put this up after the youth gathering event a few weeks ago. The youth LOVED their prayer cards. (I loved mine too!) I think it really helped and encouraged them to know that people back at home were thinking of them and praying for them. Reno is a member of my church, and is one amazing woman! Check out her blog, Vive Com Paixao- A Feisty Redhead's Look at Life to read more about her and her amazing missionary life!

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  1. Hi Em! I've tried texting u all weekend, but I'm not sure if its getting to u...thought I'd reach ya this way, lol.


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