Friday, July 19, 2013

27 Lessons in 27 Years

A few weeks ago, I had a birthday and turned 27.

I'm getting old you guys.

In my "old age" I felt like I should impart upon you some wisdom I've learned over the years. So listen up younguns!

1) It's okay to have a quiet night to yourself once in a while. It doesn't mean that people don't love you or that you don't have any friends.

2) If you don't know how to cook and you're pretty busy most days, easy crock pot recipes are your best friend.

3) Have a computer guy. Even better, make that computer guy one of your best friends because they won't mind as much when you have problems late at night or they are a million states away and you need them to set up your new laptop ASAP.

4) A true friend is someone who doesn't mind if you are over at their house a lot because you need to use their washer and dryer constantly between your work trips.

5) Good dog sitters are the best.

6) Clorox wipes can clean almost anything.

7) If you love books, find friends who also love books. That way you can borrow from each other and you can save money.

8) Suit up Ted Mosby.

9) In time, you learn to take criticism. Let the other person vent and say what they will, be patient, listen, learn, and ask what they would like to do instead. If you argue back, it just makes you look worse.

10) Take chances.

11) Traveling is fun, but it's even more fun with people you know and understand and they understand you back.

12) Sometimes you do say and do the things you swore you never would then kick yourself about it later. Life goes on and you learn from it.

13) In the grand scheme of life, 27 is not old. Get over yourself.


15) It's great to volunteer your time for things - but it's also good to teach other people how to do it too so when you don't have time, the projects don't fall through the cracks.

16) Sometimes planning ahead is good.Beau

17) Sometimes it's also good to just keep your mouth shut.

18) On the other hand... learn when to speak up too.

19) There's a difference between being young and keeping your inner child around and to approach the world with the wonder and excitement of a child, and being immature.

20) Even if you've been out of high school for 10 years, there are times you'll still feel like you're 14 years old.

21) Figure out your bullseye.

22) There is nothing wrong with wanting to look pretty from time to time.

23) There also is nothing wrong with wearing yoga pants and watching Netflix all day on your day off.

24) Getting to know your baristas on a first name basis is one of the best choices ever.

25) "Life is messy... and complicated... and you'd think that killing people would make them like you. But it doesn't. It just... it just makes them dead." - A Very Potter Musical, Voldemort

26) TV shows, books, and movies are perfectly fine ways to let out your emotions.

27) When in doubt... Harry Potter, books, The Doctor, Tributes, Winchester Brothers,musicals, vampires, Joss Whedon, Middle Earth, and Disney. Any of these will do.

Don't you feel so much older and wiser now?

#nerd :)


  1. Replies
    1. It's one of the lessons I'm trying to learn with RCP...

  2. #7 times infinity. Although also relevant is "friends with the same taste in books as you", because it's one thing to have friends who love to read. But if all they read is trashy romance novels or true crime books or James Joyce, you're probably not going to be much book exchanging...

  3. #6 made me laugh, I love Clorox wipes! But seriously, I love the first one on the list. I think that's the hardest thing for people to definitely comes with age.

  4. Hey, I'm 27 too! :) I keep reminding myself of #13.

  5. hun I'll be 30 in 138 days and i'm no where near old. You're only as old as you feel. and I know I dont feel old and I know I dont look old. esp when folks think I'm 10 yrs younger than what I am. :D


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