Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Curse You Emotions!

Friends.... I'm not gonna lie to you.

It's been a rough few days. I feel like this tends to happen right after my big summer trips, and it's probably because I'm overly tired and therefore everything is exaggerated to the upteenth power.

When I'm tired like this, everything is far worse than it really is and my already crazy emotional mind goes on edge.

I'm in a funk. 

I don't want to go into all of the details - that's what a journal and good friends and family are for. Not the internet. (Sorry, not sorry.) But between work issues, technology issues (including but not limited to the shattering of my iPad screen), personal problems, and then the death of Cory Monteith... I'm ready to retreat to my couch to cry over old episodes of Glee and Supernatural.

I know... there are bigger things in the world that happened
recently than a random celebrity dying. But I loved Finn on Glee
and I'm really upset about this. He's going to be missed by so many.
I deal with my emotions over TV shows... if you haven't learned this by now feel free to review old blog posts.

When thinking over everything, I know in the grand scheme of the world and life I'll be just fine. It's not a big deal and life will go on.

But right now, I need a nap. And showtunes. And the cast of Glee and the Winchester Brothers.

It's a good thing I was able to get Bandit back from my sister today. I've missed my dog!

I'm sorry for the short, kind of depressing, post. However, I feel like it's best to be honest instead of just posting some generic piece that's all smiles and not real at all.

We'll return to normal programming soon I'm sure.

How do you all deal with your bad days and emotions?


  1. I deal with bad days with movies and tv shows too (we cope in similar ways, lol). Hope you get a well deserved nap! Love ya!


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