Monday, July 15, 2013

Photo Stories

Find Your Voice Week 2: Who Are You?

Creative Prompt - Picture Based
Take a series of photos that tells a story. Incorporate who you are into that story, try to add more than just who/what/where/when.

The view from my hotel in San Antonio

Photo: tonights mass event... Just... Wow.  #Liveloved13
25,000 teenagers worshiping in the Alamo Dome

Camp Games

Stealing sunglasses from one of the teenagers

Home again, working on Find Your Voice

Catching up on everything

Drowning my sorrows in Glee

Is it bed time yet?
I felt the best way to tell my story and part of who I am, as well as catch you all up a bit on my last couple of weeks, sharing photos of my travels and coming home would be the best way to do it. I'm not sure if the sequence and the photos make much sense to you... but they do to me. Which, I guess is the point of the exercise, right?


  1. I liked it! Lots of people do these kinds of updates, but this was short enough to keep my interest & still told a story :)

  2. <3 I love this, lady. Wonderful job. :D I know exactly what I want to do for this prompt, I just need to well... DO IT.


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