Friday, March 1, 2013

WWCW- What Would Carrie Write?

There have been a few moments in life when I've sat back and thought "My life is like an episode of Sex and the City"... just without the sex. Or the city for that matter. Which is why whenever I have this thought, it's always a surprise.

However, I recently had a moment when I could even picture the scenes in the TV show playing out before my eyes. It makes me wonder... how would Carrie Bradshaw see this? Or...

WWCW- What Would Carrie Write?

So here we go. Here is my attempt to be Carrie Bradshaw. (Although, please don't think of this as me critiquing the hostess and her family and friends. You'll see at the end the experience wasn't too bad at all.)

Awhile back I received a Facebook event invitation to what was called a "Gender Reveal Party."

If you even so much as glance at Pinterest you'll find that a new trend on the female world is to find creative ways to reveal the gender of your baby to your family and friends when you are pregnant. Apparently, Giuliana hosted one of these and everyone and their mom is jumping on board the bandwagon. Of course, the Cape Girardeau/Jackson area wanted to join in.

The hostess had informed us that she was going to have a candy bar at the party. Naturally, I was there.

As I drove to the party I called up one of my closest friends and told her where I was going. She had the same thought I did - "This is an episode of Sex and the City waiting to happen." I could even picture the episode in my mind. It's first season. The four ladies attend a baby shower. The only single girls there and none of them expecting a child. Then they are shoved into a room full of pastels and young moms.

We determined though that this would be better than a baby shower though because I wouldn't have to ooh and aaah over diaper genies. It also would be good for me to go because the hostess watches my dog Bandit quite often when I'm out of town and has been a good friend. Therefore, I'm there to support her.

I had told the hostess ahead of time that I was going to be a bit late because of work commitments and she said that was fine. I ended up scoring a parking spot in the driveway and went into the house using the kitchen door as I always did. Apparently that was wrong because someone was standing in front of the door and was really surprised that someone was walking through it. Ooops.

I apparently had missed the big revealing so when I finally found the hostess (while wandering about the huge house full of people and tiny children I didn't know looking at me wondering who I was and why I was still wearing a coat) the first thing she said was "It's a boy!" A minute later someone came up to me and showed me the "boy picture" of the ultrasound. (Just guess what that means.) Which actually was kind of amusing.

On the boy side of the candy table they also had a jar of nuts. It's nice to know the family has a sense of humor.

There were a few people I knew, but I couldn't remember their names, and when most of them saw me the first thing they said was "Oh I love it when [insert hostess' name] watches your dog Bandit! He's so cute and sweet!"

I realized I should just get a name tag that says "Hello, my name is Bandit's Mom."

Yup. My dog is more popular than I am.

Granted - dogs are awesome conversation starters.

Eventually I put my coat down on a chair and after mingling at the candy table I was able to find a few friendly faces and we sat down together in the kitchen. Either I knew all of these people previously and didn't remember, or they are just very comfortable with strangers because the remainder of the night I heard conversations about jobs, husbands joking about their wives hairy legs, child support, ex-fiances and wedding dresses that will never be used, car troubles, why they won't go to Starbucks because the logo upside down is a symbol for Satan?, and even the beginings of a couples quarell. Eeek.

Then... two girls started to argue about baby names.

Not just baby names.

But middle names.

"You can't have that name! That's what my kid's middle name is going to be!"

Oh dear. I kid you not - this happened to Charlotte in a Sex and the City episode. Told you my life was like that show at times.

Thankfully, this argument didn't last long.

Generally, the party wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. There was at least one other single girl there, and with the nuts and "boy ultrasound picture" it wasn't as ridiculous as some baby showers can get, and people were really friendly once I decided to have a good attitude. However, now that we know the gender of the baby, a baby shower is sure to come next.

I may have to oogle over baby things sometime in the future after all. Maybe I can get my hands on that awesome baby basket Charlotte found and be the hero of the party.

Stay tuned.


  1. Love it! That sounds like quite an interesting experience...very Sex and the City indeed! I've heard of this new trend myself. I've also heard that men are having "Daddy" showers with men drinking beer and watching sports... I guess people just like to party! Lol

    1. Is it bad that the Daddy shower sounds more fun? Not that I like sports OR beer. But I still feel it would be more fun. lol

  2. Lol! Gender reveal party sounds like something you'd do after hormone treatments several surgeries and a very extreme makeover....

    1. Lol, so true...maybe they should rethink the name!!

    2. HAHAHAHA OMG I can't get that image out of my head. Now THAT would be an entertaining party!

  3. Oh my gosh that is so funny. Although I will admit, I get really annoyed when other people use a name that I was "keeping" for the kids I hope to have in the future, but I try to keep that crazy bottled in rather than actually argue about it :-p

    1. RIGHT? What blew my mind was that it was about the middle name. I can kinda of understand with a first name - but middle? Really? Sigh.


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