Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I Died This Week

Sorry I've been a bit MIA this week.

I've been a ZOMBIE.

OK... maybe not quite.

We all know I'm not as cool as R.

But I could relate to the living-dead thing.

It all started Saturday night when I took some of the youth roller skating and my nose got all stuffy. Then on Sunday my head was in a cloud all morning as I taught Sunday school and tried to pay attention to our pastor's sermon.

Note to self when sick: DON'T pick songs in Sunday school that require you to spin around. Your head will not like it.

Then Sunday night came and well... let's just say it wasn't pretty. Which really isn't cool because I feel like I WAS JUST SICK AND I ACTUALLY TOOK THE FLU SHOT THIS YEAR.Not fair universe. Not fair. I'm never getting a flu shot ever again.

However, here are some things I observed while I was dead to the world:
  • Mr. Shuester on Glee is right. Old musicals are wonderful when you're feeling sick. I watched West Side Story.
  • Co-dependent dogs, while can be comforting, can also be annoying. They want to cuddle with you on the couch as you nap, but they pick the most inconvenient place to sleep so you can't switch positions when you get uncomfortable.
  • Speaking of dogs. They still need to be taken out and fed even when you feel like death. Who knew?
  • I don't like tea.
  • You know you have an amazing friend when they'll run to the grocery store to get you supplies for being sick. (7-up, soup, medicine, etc. Thanks Leslie!)
  • Pride and Prejudice is an awesome movie to fall asleep to. It's relaxing, happy, and has the best piano music.
  • Even when you're hundreds of miles away and you're 26 going on 27, your mom still wants to take care of you when you're sick.
  • Even when your body is rejecting EVERYTHING, including water, you still have to drink something or else your back is going to cry out in pain.
  • Day 1 of being sick it's easy to sleep because you really can't do anything else. Day 2, it's harder. You still need the sleep and rest, but doing NOTHING gets annoying and tedious.
  • Campells microwavable soup to go stuff - brilliant.
  • Texting + Being Sick = Bad Idea. Apparently my fingers can't handle that much coordination when I'm a zombie.
  • When you're sick, you still need to eat because the next day you're not going to get any energy back until something is in your stomach.
  • When you're really sick, you don't even have the energy to read. It's quite tragic. So much extra reading time WASTED.
  • Harry Potter feels + sickness= bad mix. Emotions are a bit raw.
  • You're never too sick to watch The Lizzie Bennett Diaries.
I love you Bandit, but when I'm sick, sleep somewhere else.
Thankfully, I'm feeling better and much  more like a human again. Especially since my stomach will allow me to have coffee again. (This is the first time in 3 days I've had any. I'm just as shocked as you are.) What are some things you all have learned about being sick?

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