Friday, March 15, 2013

The Internet is Trying to Kill Me

As many of you have heard... Google is shutting down Google Reader as of July 1.

Thanks for the awful birthday present Google. Good grief. (My birthday is July 5... in case you were wondering.)

I may or may not have freaked out a bit last night.

I couldn't have expressed my feelings better myself Santana.

However, many people are switching over to Bloglovin. You can click on the picture below to follow my blog. I also have a button on my sidebar.

Follow on Bloglovin

I was able to switch over all of my Google Reader feeds over VERY easily (they put a nice box at the top of the page to show you how!) and so far so good. But it's only day one. So we'll see how it goes. I also know there are a few blogs hosting link-ups so everyone can share their Bloglovin profile pages.

One of my blog friends said she hated Bloglovin and is trying

So... hopefully we'll make it out of this alive fellow internet addicts. 

In the meantime - did you see that I guest blogged on Rewriting Life yesterday? Cause I did. You should check it out. 

And hopefully this weekend I'll have things to blog about that don't have to do with me falling on my face or Google ruining my life. Yay!

Has anyone else found other blog reading alternatives to Google Reader they would like to recommend? 

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