Friday, March 22, 2013

With a Dreamy Far Off Look, and her Nose Stuck in a Book

I have books!

I know... shocker, right?


Every week the website 20sb (a site for bloggers in their 20s) posts a blog prompt and this week it was:

Naturally, I couldn't pass this one up. It has my name written all over it!

So.... here we go a lovely little "tour" of my book collection. I know some people have a more impressive collection than I do, but I'm proud of mine.

I know... you're so excited. I can tell.

I won't go through each book one by one or anything. But I tried to take photos in a way that you can see what each book is. If you want to hear my thoughts on any of them - let me know!

We'll start with my "main" bookshelf that resides in my living room/dining room where I keep a majority of my novels. I feel like I have a fairly wide variety of taste. However, my favorites are fantasy and historical fiction.

At the very top of my shelf I keep The Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis on display. You can't go wrong with fantasy classics.

I organize my novels alphabetically by author. So on the top shelf you'll find Louisa May Alcott - Ken Follett. Note how through my shelves some books are positioned differently because I've run out of room and I"m trying to consolidate without having to buy a new bookshelf.

The next shelf is Ken Follett (again...) through Robin Jones Gunn.

Yes... on my third shelf (Charlaine Harris- Stephanie Meyer) I have The Sookie Stackhouse series AND Twilight books. STOP JUDGING. If you notice, Les Miserables, The Turn of the Screw, Phantom of the Opera, Rebecca, and Madalene L'Engle books are there as well. Normally Warm Bodies would be on the shelf too, but someone is borrowing it at the moment. So there! I do have good taste, I promise.

 My fourth shelf is Stephanie Meyer- JK Rowling. (Although currently, The Host is also being borrowed by a friend). 

The fifth and bottom shelf is a compilation. There are the remaining novels (Nicholas Sparks - Rachel Vail) but also book series that are written by multiple authors and books I am borrowing from friends. 

But oh... there are more books that I own which are not on my main book shelf.

These are the books which are currently living on my bed stand because I'm reading them at the moment.

These two books are just randomly out. Probably because they don't fit anywhere at the moment.

Harry Potter has his own special section of my apartment. Hopefully one of these days the picture frame will have a photo of Hogwarts.

This is the bookshelf in my bedroom which holds non-fiction, plays, and other random books, diaries, and notebooks that can't get organized nicely. Most of them are from college so I won't bore you which what books on this shelf.

Now onto my office.

The two bookshelves in my office are not quite as organized as my others... but I'm working on it. I'm sure a lot of you aren't interested in all of my books, DVDs, Bibles, catechisms, (and hidden somewhere a Book of Mormon!) and curriculum for youth ministry. But if you see something on a shelf that interests you let me know.

But that's not all... because you see... my iPad now holds some of my books now too!

I love searching the sales on different e-readers. So I have three reading apps on my iPad. The Kindle is my favorite because I can also check out books from my library on it, and I love the animation they use. And yes, there is a book on there called God and Boobs, yes it's about God, yes it's church appropriate. 

My next favorite is the Nook app. I don't have as many books on here as I do Kindle, but a few months ago one of my favorite authors had five of her books on sale for $.99 each so I couldn't pass it up!

Then of course iTunes has their own reading app. I don't use it much, but I also need to learn to navigate their book selection and their sales more.

Any of these books look interesting to you? Do we have similar tastes, or are we radically different? What do your bookshelves look like? Do you read physical books, or have you converted to the e-reader? Let me know in the comments or link up here with 20sb!

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  1. I love how much u love to read. As a reading and English teacher that makes me smile!

  2. Stealing all your Elizabeth Chadwick

    1. I'm slightly obsessed with her, and got Leah hooked on her too. I'm reading Shadows and Strongholds right now and LOVE it.


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