Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Night Dinner

I had an idea the other day as I was driving to work. 

As I got to my desk I write down ideas, names of bloggers I love, and pull up my Gmail. I type in the emails of three lovely ladies I thought would enjoy this idea, tell them about it, and click "send." Much to my surprise and delight - all three answer back almost right away!

I want to invite them over for a virtual "dinner." We can hang out, ask questions, and get to know each other. Almost like guest blogging and linking up, but not. 

Originally we were going to have our dinner last Friday. However, we were having such a great conversation it took us longer than we thought! Therefore we decided on this week. We also divided up parts of our conversation among each blog so our posts weren't a million years long. Here is how my part of our "virtual dinner" went:

I invited over Sandy and Sarah this week. As the girls come into my apartment, my dog Bandit is the first to greet them. He loves making new friends! Music is playing from my iHome. I decided on Mumford and Sons for our soundtrack for the night. Take out Chinese fills up the smell of the small apartment since I didn't want to risk burning the kitchen down for my first dinner with guests. Four chairs are around my small dining room table and as we all greet and introduce each other, all four ladies sit down at the table.

Me: To get conversation going, what do you all want to know about each other?

Sandy: Hmmm Well...I am not going to lie, my brain is not working 100% today lol SO i googled some ice breakers and pick some of my favorites so here I go:
Name one thing you really like about yourself.
I like my honesty. I am probably one of the most honest people you will meet.

You are really honest Sandy, I love that about you! As for me, I have a love/hate relationship with my voice. On the one hand, it's really loud and obnoxious and sometimes I don't realize how loud I am and it makes some people uncomfortable. But on the other hand, you can almost always spot me in a crowd because my voice is really unique and distinctive. I love that people always think I'm from Brooklyn or something! (I'm from Chicago...)

And I'm looking forward to the warmth too. Hopefully we don't have the long crazy hot summer we had last year, but I'm ready for the sunshine. Also, summer is my fun/crazy time of year. I'm exhausted and want to die by August, but June and July are a blast!

Sandy: Emmy- I get really loud without knowing it, especially if I am excited about the subject or something in the conversation and I slowly get louder and louder, and I have people (mostly my friends THANK GOD!) use there hands with a gentle shhh telling me to bring it down a notch... still embarrassing because I didn't realize I was doing it, and I never mean too lol!

Me:  It is SO NICE to know that other people are loud too! My family and friends are always telling me to quiet down and the other day my friends even discreetly had us move to a different room at a coffee shop because I was too loud. I'm pretty sure I'm going to write a blog post about how insecure I am about it actually one of these days. It's kind of an issue. But It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who is like this.

If I had to choose one thing that I liked about myself, I'd say it's the ability I have to feel compassion. I have a gigantic heart, which is really frustrating sometimes because I have ALLTHEEMOTIONS, but as I've gotten older, I've realized that so many people push feelings like that down and as a result, they're pretty cynical. That's something I don't ever want to lose.

Me: And I hear ya on the emotions too. People tend to tell me that I have a big heart, and are jealous of how emotional I am. UGH I HATE ALL THE EMOTIONS. I know that's bad, but it's true. It also sometimes gets in the way of seeing things objectively, you know? But you're right, I would rather be this way than cynical. 

Why are we all so emotional guys????? UGH so many emotions.

Right now I really wish we all could hang out in REAL life and be loud, emotional, and go shopping for spring clothes.

The rest of the evening we talked about our traveling adventures, places we want to go, and what we look forward to with spring and summer coming up soon. (Hopefully soon!) As the night wrapped up, it was like three old friends hanging out. What a wonderful dinner!

To see our conversation about traveling, hop on over to Sandy's blog, Just Sandy, and you can find her on Twitter here. 

I might have stolen this from her Instagram.
You can also see our conversation about spring and summer on Sarah's blog, Shades of Shayes. She also tweets here

This also may have been stolen from Instagram.
Would you like to come over for dinner sometime? Check out my Friday Night Dinner page for more information or comment below.

Maybe sometime soon you'll receive an invitation from me in your email!  


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  2. This was really fun! Great idea Emmy!


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