Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Someday I Will

Two blogs in one day - say what?

Yup. Normally, I try not to post twice in one day because who has time for that? However, one of my favorite bloggers hosted her first ever link up and I loved the theme and wanted to give her a shout out.

The Daily Tay

- Someday I will... be able to not chip my nail polish within five minutes of them drying.

- Someday I will... actually finish a novel and have the guts to send query letters out to literary agents.

- Someday I will... live in NYC. Even if it's just for a year. 

- Someday I will... figure out where I'll be working and living come December.

- Someday I will... not hear the fish tank my office space sharer has and think I have to go to the bathroom ALL THE TIME.

- Someday I will...find a time to blog when I'm not in the office... maybe.

- Someday I will... not drop my cell phone every single day.

- Someday I will... learn how to clip Bandit's nails on my own.

- Someday I will... meet Darren Criss and Lea Michelle. I WILL DAGNABIT!

- Someday I will... travel all over Europe. All of it.

- Someday I will... be in the musical Into the Woods. It has been my favorite for a majority of my life, and every time I've had the opportunity I've screwed it up.

- Someday I will... also be in Les Miserables because... Les Miserables.

What are some of your someday I wills?


  1. Uuuh, I love this, have to take a look at this tomorrow :)

  2. someday i will stop acting like a cranky old grandmother!

    someday i will see 40 but how i want to celebrate that huge milestone is beyond me.

    someday i will read the harry potter books...but i just can't get into them and believe me, I;VE TRIED.

    Vodka and Soda

  3. Someday I will...learn a second language.

    Someday I will...take a road trip with my best friend, Emily :)

    Someday I will...find a method of relaxation that works during the week!!


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