Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Awesome Female Role Models- Sally

It's time for a special Halloween edition of Awesome Female Role Models! The next three weeks I'll feature a female character from a Halloween story and to kick things off, we have Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

While watching the movie and researching her best quotes, I found that Sally really doesn't do a whole lot of talking. She sings a little, and has a few conversations, but she doesn't have much dialogue. However, someone watching the movie can still clearly see her character. I love this about Sally. She doesn't need long monologues, witty phrases, or wise words for us to love her. We can see through her facial expressions and her actions where her heart is and what she's all about. The audience can tell she's clever by how she tricks Dr. Finklestien and the ways she helps Jack.

Speaking of Dr. Finklestien, we know that Sally is in an awful situation. She wants to be free, but he refuses to let her go. She's ready to experience life, but he just won't let her. Sally will do anything to escape and be free from him. No matter how many times she has failed at escape, she refuses to give up.

Sally wants adventure. She's not happy staying cooped up in Dr. Finklestien's home. Sally wants to see the world and all that it has to offer. Even if it is the strangeness of Halloween.

Sally also has an interesting relationship with Jack. Right away, the audience knows she admires him and has a crush. (I mean... in their Halloween town... he's the cream of the crop. I'm sure all the girls have crushes on him.) But she connects to Jack. She understands how he wants to experience more, and she's fascinated by his discovery of Christmas. However, she also can tell when something is wrong. She is there to support her friend and be there for him, but she also tries to warn him that taking over Christmas isn't what he should be doing. She sees Jack for how awesome he really is, and wants him to be true to that. Even when he doesn't listen, Sally tries to do something about it. She's willing to sacrifice a potential relationship with Jack and stand out from the crowd to make things right. Sally might have a crush, but she knows when he's doing something wrong. Yet, when he's in trouble, instead of being all "I told you so," she's there at his side.

Sally also is the one to do the "wooing" in her relationship with Jack. She's the one to make the first move by sending him a gift basket. She's willing to be there for him and make herself known. Yet, she does it in a way which doesn't force herself on him. She makes the first move, while also letting him meet her part way. As the movie goes on, Jack soon sees how fantastic Sally is through all she has done for him.

In spite of appearing to be small and fragile, Sally can take care of herself. One of the perks of being a rag doll, she can simply sew herself back up when she falls. She's not afraid to take the big leaps because she can get back up and try again.

Also, Santa Claus likes Sally. He says "The next time you get the urge to steal someone else's holiday, you should listen to her! She's the only one who makes sense in this insane asylum!" And if Santa likes someone... you know they've got to be pretty awesome.

Awesome Quotes:
- What's wrong? I thought you liked frog's breath.
- What will become of my dear friend? Where will his actions lead us then? Oh, how I'd like to join the crowd in their enthusiastic cloud. Try as I may, it doesn't last. And will we ever end up together? No, I think not. It's never to become, for I am not the one.
- But it seems wrong to me, very wrong.
- Mmmmm. See? Scrumptious.
- And sit together, now and forever. For it is plain, as anyone can see, we're simply meant to be.


  1. I literally just watched this movie!!

  2. I love Sally and this movie in general really

  3. I am going as Sally for Halloween :) Love this post!


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