Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I Need to Work On My Stalking Skills

First off - thank you all so much for the amazing response I've had from everyone about yesterday's post! I was a bit worried about writing about it, but I knew that you all would be supportive. I can't wait to keep sharing this journey with everyone.

Now... onto today's story.

Oh yes, I have a story for you.

The last several weeks a movie has been filmed here. It's quite the buzz around our little town. Nearly everyone has had a celebrity sighting - except for me.

There also have been casting calls and I know a lot of people who have been extras on set. One person I know has four roles in the film.


It's pretty impressive.

Well, last week when I had announced to the youth about my resigning from St. Andrew, one of the parents approached me afterwards. She is one of the theatre professors at the local university and said I should come to a Q&A which was happening at the university with one of the movie's casting directors, and at some point she and I should get together to talk about theatre professions I could get into.

Um.... YES!

The Q&A was today, so I drove over to the campus after lunch. I was late because it was raining and zero parking, but that's okay. I didn't miss much from what I could tell.

It was really interesting. I'm awful at thinking of thought-provoking questions, so I just listened. But it was really cool to hear this guy talk. He works more in independent film, but he LOVES musicals and has worked in Chicago and New York. Clearly, he needs to be my new best friend.

Since I love writing and I think it would be cool to do something with theatre/writing/web video and such (although I'm not 100% sure if that's the industry I want to get into next) I thought it would be awesome to meet him after the Q&A. I even had business cards in my purse.

Like a real grown up!

I had images of going to Starbucks after to talk about the writing process and maybe him taking me to the set so I could meet the celebrities and directors and everything.

Obviously, I have very realistic expectations in life.

My first strategy was to stick around after to meet with the professor I knew to see if they had an "in."

Nope. They were meeting with their acting class right after and no one else was sticking around. So I sadly walk back to my car, which was across the parking lot and across the street. As I said- there was no parking.

As I approach my car - I saw him going to his red car. Of course, he had a parking spot in the actual parking lot up close. I cursed being short and breakable, because he was taking his sweet old time and I could have ran across the street and met him. But if I had tried, I would probably have fallen and broken a leg.

At least it would have gotten his attention?

I considered yelling at him - but felt that would be creepy and stalkery.

I stood at my car debating for a moment - which was a mistake because he did eventually drive away. Thinking I had lost my chance, I sadly got into my car and drove back to work. However, I kept my phone handy just in case the people I knew at the university wanted to call me to be all "Hey, do you want to meet this guy?"

Again, I have very realistic expectations for my life.

When I pulled up to the intersection to get back to work I noticed a few red cars. And there! Right there! He was in his red car, I could tell because he was still wearing the hat he had on for the Q&A. But curse again! I was in the right turn lane, and he was three lanes over to turn left.

Thankfully, there was a break in traffic so I quickly turned right, turned around in the church parking lot and tried to find him. Because you know... following a guy's car is far less creepy/stalkery than yelling at him across a parking lot.

But alas... he was gone. I drove down the road as far as the intersection for my apartment and there was no sign.

Now I'm here... back at work...

Clearly, I need to work on my stalking skills.

It's either a good time, a good story, or a funny blog post... right?

Or am I just a creeper?

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  1. I love your thought process! We can step up your stalking game, just a little. Thanks for linking up love!


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