Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Short Tuesday Afternoon Rant

There's nothing quite like trying to write a Christmas pageant when it's October first, the poster for Night of the Living Dead is staring me in the face, and it's almost 80 degrees outside. Starbucks isn't even it's usual freezing temperature inside. In fact... I'm kinda hot in here. (I know it's not cold for everyone at Christmas and it really has nothing to do with the Christmas story - but I'm an American from Chicago. I need cold at Christmas!)

I'm on my fourth Christmas playlist (make that 5th), I've read through the nativity story, and reviewed scripts from previous years.



I know the basic idea we came up with for the pageant. It'll be cute- as usual. Yet, the words are not coming to me. Typically I have the pageant written by August/September... and it's October.

I can't even think of which songs we should sing.

Also - I haven't picked what I'm doing for NaNoWriMo yet.

Sigh. Okay... I need to finish this rant and stop procrastinating. You all may return to your days.


  1. I have no doubt you're going to write something incredible.

  2. haha! i use to procrastinate like crazy when i was in school trying to write a paper. worst. i did the stupidest stuff too...like once i sat there and picked off all of those balls you have on your shirt. like THE WHOLE THING LOL

    Vodka and Soda

  3. I did NaNo a couple years back and it gave me just the kick in the pants I needed. I'm working on my novel now, slowly but surely. I bet you'll have something figured out by then. ^_^


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