Friday, October 18, 2013

The Autumn Tag

The Autumn Tag

My friend, Angie, posted this on her blog awhile back, and it's always fun to have something extra in my back pocket for those days when I have writers block. Besides, I'm heading to a retreat with my jr. high youth today, and don't have a whole lot of time to think of a blog post. 

Also - fall is my favorite. So why not?

1. Favorite thing about it?

I love the clothes! The minute it's socially acceptable, I pull out my scarves, boots, sweaters, sweatshirts, and leggings under tights. I love the crisp morning air and the fog that falls each morning, making the streetlights glow like jack-o-lanterns. I love the pretty leaves on the trees and making them crunch under my feet when they fall to the ground. So... everything. 

2. Favorite drink? 

Because I'm your typcial-middle class-white chick-blogger... the Pumpkin Spice Latte. However, I do LOVE LOVE LOVE the salted caramel mocha and chai.

3. Favorite scent/candle? 

Right now I have "Autumn" from Bath and Body Works in my apartment and it's fabulous. When people walk into my place they are always like "it smells so good in here!" 

4. Best lipstick? 

I actually just got the Evil Queen makeup set from E.L.F. and it has a wonderful red lipstick. It's perfect for Halloween.

5. Go to moisturizer?

I don't know what this has to do with autumn... but whatever. I use Mary Kay products when I can afford it.

6. Go to colors for the eyes?

It looks like the remainder of these questions have nothing to do with fall... oh well. 

Lately I've been wearing a lot of neutrals for my eyes with a brown eyeliner.This Sephora pallet is my favorite right now and it's beautiful! I also really like to use silver or grey eyeliner sometimes because it makes the blue in my eyes pop.

7. Favorite music or band/singer to listen to?

Currently, I can't stop listening to Imagine Dragons, Vampire Weekend, and the Legally Blonde Musical soundtrack.

8. Favorite outfit to wear (i.e. boots & a scarf combo)? 

Oh hey! Back to autumn questions. That's nice.

My basic fall/winter "uniform" is a skirt, tights/leggings, boots, scarf, and a sweater or jacket over a basic top.  If I'm feeling super casual, I'll trade the skirt for blue jeans and the basic top/sweater/jacket with a hoodie.

9. Autumn treat?

ALL OF THE CANDY because it's on sale! But I also am a fan of caramel apples. 

10. Favorite place to be? 

Some of my favorite fall memories are from sitting with my friends outside Kaldis Coffee Shop in Clayton, MO (St. Louis) and then hanging out in Forest Park. I'm also really excited for this Jr. High Retreat I'm going to today. I get one last hurrah with some of the youth, and the camp we go to is beautiful this time of year.


  1. Fall is my absolute favorite! I love the weather, colors, food, smells...everything!

  2. Autumn, my favorite season. <3 I love the sound of that Autumn scent, and the Evil Queen makeup set! As for the moisturizer, etc. lots of people have more skin issues in Autumn and Winter. Eye shadow wise, I know I go more for orange, brown, etc. in Autumn!

  3. Autumn is absolutely my fav-o-rite season! Just remove the skin problems part & I'm happy with everything!


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