Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I Think I Have a Problem

Do you ever notice that people tend to have strange relationships with technology?

I don't know about you, but I have some pretty unique relationships with three things. My laptop, my iPad, and my phone. I currently have all three out and find myself justyifying why all three need to be out and running at the same time.

Phone: I've been texting with some people.

Laptop: I'm blogging - obviously.

iPad: Watching Supernatural while I blog.

See? All necessary things. I obviously need all three of these screens with me at this exact moment .

But then, even after I'm done blogging... all three will still be out. I'll continue to watch Supernatural. I will keep texting people and then once I hit publish on this post I will then continue onto Bloglovin to read my daily blogs, then go to Facebook, then Twitter, then Tumblr, then Pinterest... and it'll go on. I might even decide to switch to watching some sort of DVD and play it on my TV. Then I will be using my iPad to check social media while my laptop is being used for other things. Hopefully writing.

Many times, you'll see me wandering around the house with both my phone and my iPad and sometimes a book. To the living room. The kitchen. The dining room. My bedroom. Because I might need them at any point and time and clearly they need to be attached to my hands always.

Then... then... something awful happened.

My iPad got sick. It all started last week. I was reading on my Kindle app and suddenly it started to quickly flip the pages of the book backwards and wouldn't let me go forward. I thought it was just the app so I closed it and tried some other things. Facebook freaked out. Twitter freaked out. Email freaked out. Then the home screen was spazzing out.

Naturally, my first stop was the Apple store. The first guy I talked to said "So... it's possessed?"

Where are the Winchester brothers when you need them? I mean... seriously. Then my iPad problem would be fixed and I would have Sam and Dean Winchester. It's a good thing we have Netflix...

Anyways. When I talked to the actual technician for iPad, they said it might be the screen but since my new screen was put on by a third party so they couldn't help. They sent me to someone else who said it might be hardware and they don't do hardware.

Long story short- I have a crazy iPad that either is posessed or had random seizures.

Right now, as long as I don't try to type or use Kindle I'm okay. Thankfully, I can still watch Netflix. (And yes, I completely backed up and restored my iPad. Still having issues.) However, until I have the money to really figure out what's wrong with it, I'm stuck. All of this made me think about other technology issues I've had.

When I dropped and shattered the original screen of my iPad this summer, I almost cried. When I've forgotten my phone somewhere I start to panic. The laptop I am working on right now is my third since my senior year of high school. Each time I've had to replace my laptop it's been sad and there are even times I miss my original old Dell laptop. Or the pretty red one I had before the one I have now. (Although if anything happens to this baby - I'll be so upset!) When my camera broke two summers ago and I had to replace it, it was awful.

Lately, I've seen some of my other friends have technology problems as well. When they have to send their computer off somewhere to be fixed or replaced, I feel sad right along with them. While more often than not, the new item is an upgrade. It works better, the technology is newer, and there is this new shiny toy. However, it's almost like saying goodbye to an old friend.

Am I completely crazy? Am I the only person who has this crazy relationship with computer, iPads, and phones? Please tell me I'm not.


  1. my tablet was on the fritz too and i was so close to selling that shit but what fixed it - factory reset. i wiped out all that shit and started fresh. now it works like a charm. try it (but back your stuff up first)

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I am always on multiple devices at the same time too - so I totally relate. I cannot express how awful I feel about your ipad, I love mine so much I would be depressed if something went wrong. I think you should call the Supernatural brothers because that would be amazing to have them show up at your door!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

    1. Sam and Dean! Come save me and my iPad!!!!!! I'll pay you in pie!

      And yeah, it's super depressing. I miss my iPad.

  3. I love all my technology. Sometimes I feel to attached to it though. I like to go on a little break for a day or to with no screens. Sometimes it is hard but i usually like it.

  4. I joked to my husband that I would go through the 5 stages of grief when we got our new phones, but it kind of feels like there are certain stages to changing to some new tech product. Now I've moved on, and I only miss my old phone because it was a little smaller and much more purple. No, you are definitely not the only one who is like that!!!

    1. And then when the new technology breaks we go through it all again!

    I don't have an ipad (yet). I'm addicted enough to my iphone and laptop that I don't need a third temptation.

  6. Poor iPad! It's so hard when technology crashed on you :( the internet at work has been down for 2 days and it's turned my world upside down!


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