Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How to Show a Blogger You Love Them

Random person that I know:  "I love your blog! You are such a great writer!"

Me:  "Really? I didn't even know you knew I had a blog... well... thanks! That's awesome!"

I don't know about you, but this happens to me ALL OF THE TIME. I'll be talking to a friend or a family member and they'll mention my blog in some way shape or form. Usually it's in the form of a compliment. Or they'll say something like "I stalk your blog sometimes... is that okay?" The problem is - I had no idea they read it.

Maybe I said that wrong. It's not really a problem. People reading my blog isn't a problem at all! I love it when people tell me they read and check out my little corner of the internet, and I love it even more when they tell me the like it. Or even love it!

However, I wish more people would tell me so.

I know - this sounds like I'm begging for attention. I'm not. But think about it for a second. Think about your favorite blogger out there. Every single day (or a few times a week, depending on how often they post) they sit down at their computer and put together a blog post. They do the research. They take photos (sometimes begging friends and family members to take these photos for them). They search the internet for the perfect photo or GIF to express what they're thinking and feeling. They go around to other blogs to network and read and comment. They live on social media and respond to comments so they can connect with their readers. They many times pay for things like blog design, their domain name, sponsorships on other blog sites, and then have to corridinate other sponsors for their own blog.

It's a lot of work sometimes. It's good and fun work, don't get me wrong, but it takes a lot of time and effort sometimes. Now, there are days when I can push out a blog post easily and get it published and I'm good for the day. Other days, I am at my computer for a few hours trying to get everything done between writing, researching, photos, and networking.

Do you want to know what the best part of blogging is though? Everyone you can connect with! I love reading comments and responding to them and getting to know other people and their thoughts and stories. I love it when someone says they could relate to something I wrote or want me to check their own blog out. The community is awesome.

While most bloggers don't do this for the attention- sometimes getting a little love is appreciated.

So, do you love a blog? Here are some ideas for how to show the blogger(s) how much you love it:

1) Comment comment comment!
Comments are seriously the best! I love it when someone shares their thoughts, tells their story, or even just says hi on this blog. Even if you write a comment when you don't agree, if you write it in a way that is respectful and kind, those are appreciated too. Even if it isn't on the blog itself, maybe you can comment on the Facebook post or Pinterest.

2) "Like" their blog post.
Don't know what to say in a comment all of the time? That's okay! If the post is shared on social media such as Facebook, Tumblr, Bloglovin, Twitter, Pinterest... all you need to do is click that awesome "like" or "favorite" button. It seems small, but we notice those too! Or there are times when I just don't have the time to visit every single blog I follow and leave a comment. Times like this, I simply click the "like" button so they know I appreciated what they wrote that day.

3) Share!
Seriously, this one is HUGE. A few weeks ago I had written about how the song "Let it Go" from Frozen is my life anthem. Later that day, a friend of mine shared it on her Facebook wall saying how much it meant to her. It made my day. Not only was my blog being shared with a bigger audience than I normally would reach, but it's always nice to hear that something you wrote touched someone else. So, if you like a blog post, share it on your favorite social media site(s). I can't tell you how many bloggers have gotten tons of traffic simply because their readers shard it on Pinterest. Most blogs will have buttons right on the page for sharing, or even a Pinterest button on their photos. With my blog for example, if you hover over the photos you'll see a nice little "P" for Pinterest will show up and when you click on it, you can pin it to Pinterest right there. Then, if you go to the bottom of the post where you would go to comment, you'll also find buttons to share the post on Facebook, Email, Twitter, or Google +.

4) Talk to them about it.
This especially is aweosme if you know the person in real life. Now, I'll admit, sometimes it's awkward talking to people in "real life" about my blog. I don't know why, but it is. However, deep down it makes me happy because it shows someone is reading it. Or even respond to a question they ask. There are times I"ll post a question on my Twitter or Facebook for feedback or ideas for the blog, and nothing is more discouraging than when people don't respond. On the other hand- I love it when people do answer and respond because it gives me a good idea of what to write about.

5) Actually visit their page.
This might sound weird, but this one really does help. There are blogs where I follow them only through email or something. Yes, I can just read it right there in my gmail and it's fine. However, I'll be sure to read it in my actual browswer. That way, when the blogger checks their stats (that's assuming they're ridiculous like I am), they can see the numbers going up and they can see people really are going to their site.

6) Sponsor Them.
For some bloggers, it costs money to keep their site up and going. If their domain name is their own, that costs money. If they had their page designed my someone else, that costs money. If they sponsor other blogs, it costs money. (Sponsoring other blogs shows them you love them, but it also gives your blog A TON of exposure.) If they host giveaways, that costs money. Offtering to be a sponsor on a blog is a great way to show you love them. Can't sponsor? Offer a guest post opportunity or work with them in some other way.

Speaking of sponsors... (see what I did there?)

I'm going to try and open up sponsor opportunities again on the blog! I had done this awhile ago strictly with doing sponsor swaps. Now, I'm going to offer a few other options. All affordable because trust me- I hate it when it costs and arm and a leg to sponsor a blog.

Each month I'll have four slots for ads available.

Option 1: $5 and you get your blog/store/button on the side of my blog for a month and you get a small feature on the blog.

Option 2: For $8 you'll get the same stuff as option 1, but you will also get a weekly social media shout out on the sites of your choice.

Option 3: For $10 you get all of the above PLUS a day when you get to take over my blog and do a guest post on a day that fits you. The topic can be your choice!

Need some other option because of limited funds and/or you have a business? Email me and we can work out a sponsor swap or something else that works for you.

All sponsorships will be paid for through paypal. Please note, all money from sponsorships will go toward anything blogging. (Myself sponsoring other blogs, paying for design and/or domain name, blog conferences, etc.) If you are interested, email me at lovewokemeupthismorning@gmail.com.

How about you? How do you show other bloggers you love them? How do you want your readers to share their love?


  1. i comment the shit out of the blogs i like and i don't leave a measly comment either like a lame "great post!". that tells the blogger nothing about why you liked their post. i will sit and write a freaking novel if i have to to get my point across. i also RT or mention their post on twitter if i really loved their post because everyone should read a fucking awesome post, amirite?!

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

    1. I used to feel bad for leaving short story length comments on blogs I read and enjoyed their posts. Then I realized that as long as I show them the reason for my love of their post/blog, then it shouldn't matter what length the comment is as long as its positive and encouraging! I too RT posts I absolutely love. :)

  2. Commets are one of the best things about blogging to me to. That and getting in contact with a lot of cool people all over the world.
    I also try to view blog post in the browser because Stats!! I guess most bloggers are crazy about their stats, so it's nice to see a spike there.

    1. Yeah comments! (And I know... I'm the worst at commenting. I'm trying to get better!) And I'm glad I'm not the only one who reads people's posts in the actual browser. I know there are other ways- but I love seeing my stat numbers go up!

  3. I love your blog. I just have trouble posting comments.

    1. Oh I know! It's okay to not comment all of the time - that's why I had the other suggestions too. Commenting is not the only way to show your love :)

  4. I love your blog. I just have trouble posting comments.

  5. You know I love to comment! :) I totally understand what you mean in this post. You put a lot of work into your blog and the whole point is to have people read it. I think posting comments or liking the post is a good way to show blogger love :)

  6. I love getting comments--being part of group giveaways usually just makes me so sad--even though I get tons of new followers, I get barely any comments. One reason I blog is because I love to write, and like you said, I put a lot of effort into my blog, so I like it when people take the time to comment. This morning, a friend I haven't talked to since August texted me to tell me she loves reading my blog every morning, and it made my day!

  7. I feel like you really have me thinking now between what you wrote here and what you commented on my post. I really love your blog for your creativity and honesty all rolled up into each post, and I feel like you do a great job making people think while letting your readers get to know you a bit. I'm glad you put this out here for how to share the love. I may share this post on my blog and link back to ya so more people can check you out. Thanks for reminding me why blogging is so fun and worthwhile. :)

    1. Oh yay! I'm glad I've made you think. :) And I hope you keep blogging! I've missed you!!!!

  8. It is so true! The most awkward is when people only say "I read your blog." I always get annoying and demand a value judgment from them! I found you though Bon today!

    Erica Jacquline

  9. I always do enjoy your posts; I try to read as often as I can! I feel that we have so much in common and I'm honored to call you my blog friend! :)


  10. I feel like you covered everything with this post! The #1 thing I love about the blogsphere is the community feel to and how much fun it is to connect with people from all over. I tend to avoid subscribing by e-mail for blog posts because I end up forgetting to go to the actual site and boosting those view counts! I have a specific folder for blogs I like reading and I'll go through the list about twice a week (if life isn't too crazy). Also! I'm excited to see your sponsorship is coming back, I'm looking forward to see everyone who is involved. Much love, Jess. procrastinationramblings.blogspot.com

    1. Haha Thanks! I'm glad I covered pretty much everything. I know I'm not always the best at showing other blogs I love them too, but I'm working on it, and I hope other people will get some of the love as well. There are a lot of other bloggers that I know who really need ,more!


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