Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Humpday Confessions

One of my new favorite blogs, Vodka and Soda, hosts this link-up every week. I've been meaning to join her for awhile now, and I think it's about time I did!

Here are some Humpday Confessions!


- I had to call into work today because of the snow. I feel like such a Missourian right now, but our road and driveway had so much snow and it took forever to get it cleared and the interstate I take to get to work I heard was awful. By the time I would get to work it would be time for me to go back home. So... there's that.

- It's world Nutella Day. This means I am celebrating accordingly with a jar of Nutella. It's glorious.

- I've been marathoning Sex and the City for the last several weeks now. It's been perfect for when I want to read/work on the blog/read other blogs because I can have noise without having to pay much attention. I'm almost done with the final season. She's dating the Russian and will be going to Paris soon.

- Tonight is girls night! My friend Julie and I decided to make Wednesdays our "girls night" because her hubby has a class, and our sisters have an open invitation for whenever they're free. The roads and weather conditions are supposed to be MUCH MUCH better tonight, so hopefully we'll make it out! (Our favorite place has 1/2 price cosmos and appetizers on Wednesday!)

- I think Bandit is holding a grudge against me. My mom's dog Indy likes to cuddle with me more than he does and it makes me sad.

- My poor NaNoWriMo novel has been terribly neglected since I moved. I've worked on some character profiles and I've been brainstorming problem areas and plot holes, but hardly any actual writing has been accomplished.

- For the past month I binged on Sherlock.  I watched the first two seasons and then watched the new epsiodes like it was my religion. Now that series 3 is over I'm going through withdrawls. How long-time fans survived that 2 year hitatus I'l never know.

- As much as I'm trying to ignore the fact JK Rowling supposedly regrets Ron and Hermionie getting together... it's still there in the back of my mind and when I look at my Harry Potter books I want to cry a bit. BUT my friend Kirsti wrote this TOTALLY AWESOME post about it which I agree with 100%: (Also, PLEASE read the Muggle Net post about this topic because the writers and the commenters actually know what they're talking about.)

- Speaking of Harry Potter. Yesterday morning I had this dream right before I woke up that I met Darren Criss and we were on a date and he was totally falling for me. However, the only thing I could think about was if he was going to find my Tumblr and this blog and freak out because I'm a crazy fangirl.

What are some of your Humpday Confessions? Hop on over to Vodka and Soda to link up!


  1. Oh SatC, I watched it all and I hate/like it, it's very weird. As for the HP debacle...I just can't even with that. Kirsti's post is pretty great actually.

    My poor NaNoWriMo novel is also neglected. I had such high hopes for it but I haven't had the time or energy lately for it.

    That 2 year Sherlock hiatus was brutal and is maybe responsible for me not digging season 3 that much.

    1. I really enjoyed season 3. Although I only had to wait a day, not two years to watch.

    2. I will watch it again later when I have a bit more time to focus on it. Maybe that will change my perception of it.

  2. i confess: i can't get into harry potter and i have TRIED!!! for years, i tried! i left off at prisioner of azkaban and just couldn't continue because it was so slow!! please dont hate me!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. Found you through Kathy's link up! I have not read Harry Potter! We also just started watching Sherlock on Netflix, but I haven't paid attention. I probably should! I just don't think anything will compare to Breaking Bad, which we just finished a few weeks ago.
    Eva Marie

  4. Woot woot! Girls night! Can't excited to see you soon!

    1. Can't excited...what the what?! I meant so excited! Lol


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