Tuesday, August 13, 2013


After a 6 hour drive through boring Illinois and switching back and forth between musical soundtracks and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and quickly doing a video for VEDA today, it's nice to finally be at my parents house. Sitting in the kitchen while Mom cooks (I offered to help, but she wisely said she was fine as long as I brought my laptop out so I can sit with her and chat as she worked and I blogged. No one really wants me to help in the kitchen!) I can hear the news playing from the living room where my dad sits and feel a nice breeze coming through the back screen door.

I'm jealous of Chicago's weather this week and wish I could take it back with me to Missouri in a few days. Sunny and today's high was 70. I know some people love the heat, but 60s and 70s (and sometimes upper 50s!) are my absolute favorite temperature ranges! It makes me wish fall would get here already.

Some things that are happening currently in my life....

I am currently...

Smelling - my mom's cooking. We're having spaghetti squash tonight and I'm super excited. My sister is bringing apple pie too!

Listening to - the news and the dogs playing. But I also have had Lady Gaga's new song "Applause" running through my head. What can I say? I'm a sucker for pop music shenanigans.

Excited for - seeing friends this week. Tomorrow I'm going with my mom and sister to meet Julie and her mom in Naperville. Can't wait for some girl time!

Dreading- my drive back to Missouri on Friday.

Waiting for - some friends to get back to me so I can figure out when I'll see them this week.

Wearing- my Hufflepuff tank top, blue jeans, and black flats.

Reading- still finishing up Love Does by Bob Goff, but in the car I've been listening to Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone, and once I'm done with Love Does I'll get going on Blameless by Gail Carriger.

Wanting - food to get in my belly!

Working- on figuring out the youth schedule for the fall semester. Can you believe school in Missouri starts this week?

Trying - be be patient.

Thankful- for awesome family and friends.

Thinking - about what I'm going to do this week.


  1. I can't wait to spend time with u tmrw!! I miss u! That dinner sounded yummy :)

  2. I want Autumn, right now! My favorite season for sure, and you and I have the same favorite temp range, woohoo! Also, heck yeah Hufflepuff! I'm pretty sure I've told you, but if not, I grew up a little outside of Chicago, about half an hour or so. I am SO a Western girl, though. <3


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