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Throwback Thursday- Pucker Up!

So today's post accidentally went up before I had written anything.

Oops. Sorry guys. 

But anyways. It's Throwback Thursday with Bonnie's blog and the topic is.... first kiss.

Nothing like a good embarrassing first kiss story to make your day, right?

How about three?

Yup. I can never tell which story "counts" as my first kiss because I have three which could potentially be "the first one." So I'll let you decide! I'll share with you all each of my stories, and in the comments tell me which one you think is the real one. 

Story I

Ah, the beautiful simple days of kindergarten. Naps, coloring, playtime, and a love triangle. Yup, you read that correctly. Now, it was nothing of the proportions of Twilight or anything. But for that one day in kindergarten, it was dramatic.

One of the boys and I (who will be nameless) used to play this game where he was my dog. Clearly, I knew how to treat men right at an early age. We played all of the time. Until one day, another little girl claimed he was her dog.

Um.... no.

So, to prove that she was wrong...

I kissed him.

He wasn't very happy with me. 

Story II

My lips didn't have much action again for several years. Then I turned 11. 

The summer before my 6th grade year, my aunt and cousin were in town, so my mom, sister, and I took them to Navy Pier. It was a fun day, complete with a boat ride and a ferris wheel. 

Then... we saw a mime. 

He was funny and a crowd had gathered around him. But he had this little trick he would do to the girls. He would silently persuade them to kiss him on the cheek, then he would turn his head really qucikly and their lips would land on his.

Not a nice trick if you would ask me.

By the end of his act, he spotted me.

I don't know why, but people like to point out kids in wheelchairs. I think it's because they feel bad for them, and want to make them feel special. So the wheelchair kid always got put in the spotlight.

Personally, I hated it.

So naturally the mime found me. He wanted me to kiss him on the cheek.

I was smarter than that and I furiously shook my head "NO!"

Then he made a face like this:

The crowd was all "awwwww" and my family was all "just kiss him on the cheek! It's ok!"

What's an 11 year old girl to do? I was going to be the bad guy if I didn't. Maybe he wouldn't trick me and it would just be on the cheek. 

Nope. I opened my eyes and my lips for a split second found the mime's and he was all smiley. 

I wasn't.

Talk about childhood trauma.

Story III

Needless to say.... I went for awhile not kissing anyone. 

My final "first kiss" story  though, was all because of Heath Ledger. My friends and I kind of had an obsession with him in high school. Not just us girls though... the boys too. This one guy particularly. Heath Ledger was his man-crush. We just loved Heath and thought he was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Which I feel shows a lot for our taste. There were some other actors we could have loved who weren't half the actor he was. So... yay for us!

One summer, I was at a block party with some of my friends. I had mentioned to the previously mentioned guy that I had rented A Knights Tale. He begged me to borrow it. I said no because it was rented. What if he didn't return the movie to me? Then I would have to pay a fine and it would be all his fault!

He begged and begged. He REALLY wanted to borrow this movie. He even said "I'll kiss you if you do!"

Yeah... sure.

How was I supposed to know he was serious?

Clearly, I didn't understand guys.

It lasted about 2 seconds and I didn't even know what was happening, and the guy ended up being a jerk by the end of high school

Thanks for nothing Heath Ledger. (Just kidding- I love you still Heath! I was devastated when you died!)

So... which one was my first kiss?

Story 1- Kindergarten Love Triangle

Story 2- Creepy Mime

Story 3- Heath Ledger Induced

Vote in the comments!

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