Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Inspiration

It's Friday morning before a mission trip to Alabama when I'm writing this. My brain is fried from trying to think of devotions to write, working ahead so everything goes smoothly the week I'm gone, and I'm already tired thinking of the 5:30am departure time.

Which makes writing blogs in advance kind of difficult. Thankfully by the time you read this I'll be heading back home ready to get back to my "normal" routine.

In the meantime, since my brain is out of ideas, here are some things I've been seeing on the internet lately that have touched my heart.

creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence

we are all

.LOVE this.


Photo by likeabite #Love #Quotes #Wisdom

Sometimes, often, we just need to laugh. :)

Damn straight

OK... that last one is different from the others. But what's better than one of the Winchester brothers when you need a good dose of inspiration?

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  1. I absolute LOVE the George Harrison quote!!! I've never seen that one before. I'm glad you are heading back home to your own comfy bed and normal routine!!


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