Saturday, August 10, 2013

Saying No To Say Yes

One of my favorite bloggers (whom I know I've talked about before, and I link up with every week for Throwback Thursday), Bonnie, has started Just Write Saturdays. A day to just write. No topic. Nothing. Just... whatever you want to write. 

I was going to pass it up. Saturdays are my blog day off. (As are Sundays unless I'm scheduling ahead.) 

But then I thought...

When was the last time I just wrote whatever was on my mind? Writing simply because I wanted to write?

I can't remember the last time. It's so easy when you're blogging to get caught up in needing specific topics, linking up with people, trying to think of the perfect things to write so you can impress people, etc. It's exhausting.

Yes... this is a link-up. But I have the freedom to do whatever I want with it, so I feel like it works.

Of course, the moment I sit down to write I have no idea what I want to say. Haha. It's amazing how so many ideas and things can be going around in my mind for days, and then once I sit down to write it (or type it) all my head goes blank.

But that's okay I think. Do I really need to be thinking intensely all of the time? Say something brilliant constantly? It's nice to simply be sometimes.

That's when the best things happen. The things worth writing about. Not when you're planning or plotting or wondering how to be awesome. The best things happen when you are sitting with a friend over dinner catching up on life. Or taking a walk with the dog. Or just saying yes to life. 

Having structure is a good thing. I appreciate it and love it. You'd be surprised how many teenagers and kids I talk to who are actually kind of excited for school to start up again in a few days. They're ready for a routine again.

I had a busy week this week, and it was wonderful. I loved having something going on more nights than not, and it was fun being busy. Beautiful and wonderful things come from routine. Even in blogs.

But I love the spontaneous. I'm not as spontaneous as I would like to be, or as much as I say I am. I'm always too afraid that if I don't plan it, it won't happen. But then you don't have room for other things. When you fill up your schedule and your plans too much, there isn't room to budge.

Bob Goff, whom I wrote about earlier this week, quits something every Thursday. As often as he says yes to things life has to offer, he also says no. He says no so he can make room for "yes." To experience life. 

Sometimes you need to plan for that. One of the pastors at my church always says it takes a lot of planning and preparation to be spontaneous. You have to set up things so people can have freedom. 

But we get too rigid sometimes. It doesn't fit in the schedule. Our week is too full of other things to do. The blog plan is already laid out - no time to write about whatever you want. 

I feel like people probably would think some of my youth nights are too loose and free, and I see their point. I know I could use more structure. But on the other hand, I see so many of the youth at my church with these insane schedules and not enough time to just "hang out" and "chill" and "be teenagers." It's good to have a chance to not have something planned or someone telling you what to do for a change. 

There are moments when I see an empty day on my calendar and I freak out. "Whatever will I do with that time? Something must be wrong if I have a whole day empty!"

But on the other hand, it's exciting. A day with nothing planned. Freedom to go out, sleep, relax, catch up, or find a friend to go on an adventure with. 

I don't know if I could be brave enough to quit something every week like Bob Goff does. But it's nice to think about, isn't it? 

Saying no so you can say yes. Just letting things happen. Just letting words fall onto the page. (Or screen in this case.) 

When was the last time you just let yourself be, without any plans?

Also- this apparently is my 400th post. Woo hoo! Yay me! Time for some wine. 

Wine. blogging, and not pictured is Bandit, my friend Ginny, and Netflix. I say that's an awesome Saturday night.

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  1. I also have a hard time being spontaneous. I'm always worried about "wasting" time, so I usually like to plan my days...and I usually jam pack them full! One day, I literally had nothing to do and it turned out to be wonderful. I sat around and watched Netflix, played with Stella, and relaxed. It was then I realized doing nothing can actually be great sometimes! Great post! And congrats on your 400th post!!!


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