Monday, August 5, 2013

Disney Emailed Me!

Yes, you read that title correctly.

Disney emailed me this past week while I was in Alabama - AND they read my blog!

Why, you ask? Why would they seek out my tiny little blog and feel the need to email me about it?


When I returned home from Alabama, this weekend I did my best to try and catch up on life. Watching YouTube Videos, reading emails, etc. (I'm getting to all of your blogs today, I promise!) When I opened up my email, there was a message from someone at Disney. Apparently, months and months ago they had asked for submissions from people who had seen Newsies on Broadway for a book they want to release called : Newsies:  The Unlikely Story of a Broadway Hit. I didn't even remember submitting something for this until they sent me this message. They needed release forms signed so they have permission to add my story and photo to the book.

How freaking awesome is that?

I sent them my release forms moments before writing this blog. There's no guarantee that my submission will be in the book, but if it is I'll let you all know! They said it will be released at the beginning of November and will email me when it's available.

Then - BUT THEN- I got another email from the lovely lady at Disney. Apparently, she was one of the dramaturgs for Newsies (someone who helps edit, rewrite, and give feedback on scripts) when she saw my signature at the bottom of my email, she saw the link to my blog and clicked on it. From there she found my post about Katherine Plumber (the main female role in Newsies) that is part of my Awesome Female Role Model Series.

She really liked my post! She loved that I had connected to Katherine and felt the need to share how amazing she is. She then pointed out to me some facts that I had gotten wrong, however. She told me that while there were not many women reporters in 1899, Katherine's character is not all that far fetched. There was a woman named Elizabeth Jane Cochrane (Nellie Bly was her pen name) who was a reporter in the 1899 for Pulitzer's "New York World." She was a female corespondent for foreign affairs and was basically just amazing. Kara Lindsay (the actress who played Katherine) and Harvey Fierstien (wrote the book for Newsies) took a lot of inspiration from her for the show.

She gave me this link if I wanted to do more research.

How amazing is that? I know I'm definitely going to be doing more of my own research when I write from now on, and I want to read a lot more about Nellie Bly. She seems like a pretty fantastic woman to me. 

I'm still fan girling a little bit on the inside from this. 

I know it's probably not that big of a deal - but SOMEONE WHO WORKS FOR DISNEY AND BROADWAY READ MY BLOG YOU GUYS!

I will be adding this new information to my previous post so that everyone has the correct information.

So... yeah. Disney emailed me, I might be in a book, they read my blog, AND felt it was important to give me historical information to correct my inaccuracies. I feel pretty cool. Clearly, being a fan-girl can have it's benefits.

Can I go see the show again, please?


  1. That is awesome! I'm super jealous haha!

  2. Wow! That is absolutely AMAZING! Knowing u my whole life, I know how much this means to you. I mean, we grew up on disney!! Love ya girl

  3. That's so cool! Way to go! :)

  4. That is so awesome! Congrats :)

    I swear Newsies is the one Disney movie I haven't seen... hmm, maybe I should remedy that this weekend haha.


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