Friday, July 8, 2011

Beautiful Ending

Day 24: Nineteen Years Later - are You Happy With The Way Things Turned Out, or do You Wish Something Had Been Different? (Example: Neville Married Luna)

I'm going to point out YET AGAIN - that if you don't want spoilers stop reading. :D

I know I'm one of the few - but I LOVE how the book ended. It was perfect. (Also, JK Rowling said that she would be open to Neville and Luna getting married.) It was everything that Harry ever wanted.

He had a family.

That's what Harry's desire had been for his entire life was to be loved, have a peaceful life, and a family. He gets that. Yeah, he's an Auror so life isn't completely peaceful. But he loves fighting the dark arts, and that's where he's the most gifted. It's perfect for him.

Part of me wondered if Harry should have been the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor at Hogwarts. It was his home and where he felt the safest. He also learned in Order of the Phoenix that he was a good teacher. So, I feel like that could have worked.
However, him being an Auror is great too. Besides... he gets to work with Ron and Hermoione. I feel as though if he were at Hogwarts all of the time he wouldn't be able to have a family and be with his friends everyday.

That was what made Hogwarts so wonderful for Harry - his friends that became his family. Without them, he would be nothing.

The names of Harry's kids... I understand where he got them. I wouldn't name my children that - but at least it's not Reneseme. I love that he honored Severus Snape and Dumbledore - they deserved to be honored. 

I also really liked how they hinted at Harry and Draco's relationship now. They aren't friends - and they will never be friends. But they acknowledged each other and seem to have at least a shred of respect for each other. I love that. It's a perfect example that you're not going to turn out being friends with everyone - but that doesn't mean you have to go pick fights with your enemies constantly. And I still believe that Draco isn't 100% bad. You can really see that in the later books.

I loved how the series ended. I thought it was wonderful - especially that it ended at the Hogwarts Express. It was perfect. 


  1. I, too, enjoyed the ending. It was a nice wrap up to finish the story. Endings are really tricky, and of course not everyone will be happy, but I rather enjoyed it.


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