Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Day 29: Did You Enjoy A Very Potter Musical?

No. Not at all.

I didn't think it was TOTALLY AWESOME.

I don't quote the musical nearly EVERY SINGLE DAY!

I don't have the words to all of the songs memorized.

I don't dream of going to Pigfarts and meeting Rumbleroar the talking lion.

I didn't scream like the fan girl that I am when I found out that Darren Criss was going to be on Glee.

The songs for both A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel aren't on my ipod.

I didn't get ALL OF MY FRIENDS to watch it with me.

My friends and I don't have ENTIRE CONVERSATIONS that are just quotes from A Very Potter Musical.

I don't really really really want the TOTALLY AWESOME Starkid package.

I don't look on their website shop and make a mental wish list of all of the things I want from it.

A friend and I didn't have a Facebook chat conversation waiting in anticipation for Starkid's newest show, Starship Ranger.

It's not my goal in life to play Draco Malfoy as played by Lauren Lopez.

I don't crack up and cry from laughter every time I watch it.

It's not one of my go-to de-stressers.

I don't sing the songs the ENTIRE DAY when a new Harry Potter movie comes out to get myself hyped up for it.

I didn't play it from my phone while waiting in line for Deathly Hallows Part 1 at the midnight showing.

I don't think that the guy who plays Voldemort is attractive.

Whenever I hear about Winnipeg I don't yell "THAT'S IN CANADA!"

I didn't LOVE how they are all Zefron fans.

I don't sing "I'm as happy as a squirrel as long as I'm with Mr. Quirrel" every time I watch Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

And now that you've mentioned it - I'm NOT going to be watching it in the background on my computer here in the office this afternoon because now I'm in the mood to watch it.


By the way.... if you don't catch onto sarcasm right away, you might want to re-read this post.

Go watch A Very Potter Musical RIGHT NOW!


  1. red vines! what the hell can't they do? :) LOVE IT!

  2. YAY, AVPM!
    At first I was like... what? Please tell me you're being sarcastic. :P

  3. I didn't notice until now that Darren Criss played Harry in a Very Potter Musical. Thats so awesome. I think I like him even more now.

  4. Jess- he also helped write A Very Potter Musical AND A Very Potter Sequel


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