Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Best Gift

Some of you may or may not have known - but yesterday was....


You know what would be the best gift?

Helping out Felicity and her family. Check it out.

The Love Drop team is at it again! Last month they gave over $5,000 worth of cash and goods to their recipient, the Aubin family, who was struggling financially after the passing of their dad, and this month they're ready to do it again and help out another person :) They've given out over $45,000 in the past 6 months, and show no signs of stopping.  If you know of anyone yourself that could use their help, make sure to let them know.
This month they're heading down to Atlanta to help Felicity, a little 4-year-old girl who was just diagnosed with brain cancer. Felicity had immediate surgery and is currently undergoing aggressive radiation treatments for the remaining portion of her tumor. We want to raise $5,000 for her family to help cover mounting medical costs, as well as the future expenses a new baby on its way will bring. With your support and generosity, we can really do something special for them!

Here are three ways you can help:
  1. Give $25 towards medical bills <-- Click this link to contribute $25 towards Felicity's radiation treatments. It'll help them out a ton!
  2. Give a gift or service- Gift cards are always helpful. Places like Target, Wal-mart, restaurants, etc would definitely help them out. Services too - especially those you can offer yourselves, or from your company.
  3. Join our blogger network - Blog about our Love Drops each month like I am :) It's easy, it's rewarding, and it REALLY helps spread the word (which in turn helps our families). Love Drop will give you all the content you need.
Thanks so much guys!  Here's to a great month of paying it forward!

And now - onto today's Harry Potter Challenge!

Day 22: Are There Any Parts of the Books or Movies that Make You Cry?

You might be surprised to hear this - but I rarely cry during books and movies.

I get really emotional and sad - but rarely truly cry.

It's pretty strange.

One thing in Harry Potter that gets me every time though, is when Cedric Diggory dies.

I don't know what it is, but it kills me. When I first read the book when I was in high school (LOOOONG before Twilight existed) I loved Cedric. I thought he was such a great character.

Then JK Rowling kills him!

How dare she?

A friend of mine wrote about it once on her blog here.

I get so sad, and have even shed a few tears over it. Reading the end of the book makes me really depressed. Watching the movie, when I hear his father crying over his body - it breaks my heart.

I miss you Cedric.

Is there any part of the Harry Potter series that makes you cry - or at least really sad?


  1. Happy birthday!!

    Funny, I had no emotional attachment to Cedric Diggory at all. I didn't think we got to know much about him before he died. Maybe I need to go back and re-read :)

    I think I may have cried when Dobby died. He was just 100% good-hearted and put his heart and soul into protecting Harry, and he kicked some butt in the last book right before he died, and it was so unexpected. But that's life--not fair. I appreciate that J.K. wasn't afraid to kill off characters, even good ones.

  2. Yeah, Dobby dying gets me everytime! I just watched Part One the other night and I broke down :( Pathetic, I know!

  3. Happy birthday!!! Hope you had a great one :)

    Like Jessica said, I had no emotional attachment to Cedric either. But the first time I read Deathly Hallows? I was in tears pretty much from the time Dobby died. Dobby dying doesn't really affect me any more, but when Fred dies and when Harry sees Lupin and Tonks' bodies? I'm in FLOODS of tears...


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