Monday, July 11, 2011

You Know You're Jealous Of My Job

I am back from camp! We had such an awesome week - I can't even explain to you. I'm so proud of the teenagers who were our camp counselors this year. They had a lot of responsibility on their shoulders with helping to start a new camp and being in charge of a bunch of 4-6th graders! They did an amazing job and I'm so glad they were all able to come!

Check out this video of our counselors doing a skit for the kids. Sorry if the video is shaky - I was laughing A LOT!

Aren't you jealous of my job? I get to hang out with these teenagers, and get paid for it!

This week I'll be finishing up the 30 Day Harry Potter Challenge. YAY! Thursday my sister is driving in so we can see it at midnight together. I'm thinking of buying some ingredients to make some butter beer to celebrate for the final movie. Thankfully my sister can cook so we won't have a repeat of the Turkish Delight fiasco. I can't believe it's almost here!!!!!! I'm crazy excited - it's gonna be epic!

Then Saturday I get to go to a youth camp/gathering with 16 teenagers! Which again - I'm crazy excited about it. A lot of the youth who are going came to Camp with us, and we're going to have a blast.

While I'm gone I'll have some more guest blogs, and they are going to be amazing. So be sure to check in.

Now onto today's challenge!

Day 27: Do You Listen to Wizard Wrock? What Do You Think Of It?

I honestly have never listened to Wizard Wrock. I've heard of Harry and the Potters though...

I'm going to listen to it some today so that I can give an honest opinion and tell you what I think of it. So it should be a fun day here in my office! I'm able to listen to it live at these websites:

The lyrics are fun and silly and make me laugh a lot because I know the book and movie series so well. I listened to a Sirius Black song that was based off of "Baby Got Back" which was pretty hilarious.

My one complaint (for lack of better terms) about Wizard Wrock so far would be that you can tell that a lot of the musicians aren't professional - or just aren't that great of quality. Or maybe how they record their music isn't that great of quality. I always say that if you are going to do something - do it well. Some of the music I've been listening to, I can't really understand what they are saying, and some of it all sounds the same.

It reminds me of  my complaint about Christian music. Just because you love Jesus, it doesn't give you an excuse to be a bad musician. The same goes for Harry Potter. Just because you love Harry Potter, it doesn't give you an excuse to be a bad musician.

So - the good Wizard Wrock music is fun and I enjoy it. But some of it just isn't that great quality of music - regardless of it being about Harry Potter. I think it's something I would listen to on occasion - but not all of the time.


  1. I'm glad you had a good time and that you have such great teenagers to work with.

  2. I agree that the quality of Wizard Wrock is hit or miss... but I went to a Wizard Wrock show one time, and it was so much fun! It kind of doesn't matter how good the musicians are (unless they're really bad, obviously) because you're in a room with all diehard Harry Potter fans who get all of the references and jokes in all of the songs. Plus a lot of Wizard Wrock musicians are good friends because they travel together and perform together, so they joke around with each other and just have fun. That's my experience with it, anyway :)


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