Saturday, July 9, 2011

I Miss the Old Nick at Nite

Day 25: If You Could be Able to Work One Spell Without a Wand What Would it Be?

I was stuck on this one - so I asked PM2 what spell he would want to be able to do.

He said he would like to do the hand clap thing like Dumbledore does when they change the decorations of the Great Hall.

This got me to thinking - it's not really one spell that I would want to be able to do without a wand. It's more of just being able to wave a hand, or blink an eye, or something, and something happens. You know... like Samantha on the 1960's sitcome Bewitched

Although I would probably never be able to get the nose twitch down. 

I loved the opening cartoon when I was a kid!
Maybe I Dream of Jeanie is more my type. Just fold your arms and blink!

The opening cartoon for this one was pretty stinkin' cute too!
Or perhaps I'm just lazy. Ha ha.


  1. made me think of their block party summers when we were kids.

    munster mondays
    lucy tuesdays
    bewitched bewednesdays
    jeanie thursdays
    sargent. joe fridays

    loved it...

  2. Oh man, I would LOVE to be able to do 'accio'. There are SO many times when I sit down and then realise that I've left the TV remote on the kitchen bench or I filled my water bottle but then forgot to actually carry it to the table with me. Like right now, I wish I could accio the block of chocolate that's on the floor 2 metres away from me (10.22am is TOTALLY chocolate o'clock!), because I'm way too lazy to put the computer down, get off the floor (my housemate moved out yesterday and all the furniture was hers) and go over there to get it!


  3. I agree with Melbourne on my mind - 'accio' seems like the obvious choice for me. In all honesty I try it quite a bit but so far it hasn't worked.


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