Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We Wouldn't Last A Day Without Her

Day 7: Your Favorite Female Character

I feel lame for picking one of the power trio. I feel as though I should be more creative.

But I can't help it.

I think Hermione Granger is fantastic.

Yeah, she's kind of annoying and obnoxious and a know-it-all. But she has such a big heart. Hermione is the most loyal friend anyone could have. She would do absolutely anything for Harry and Ron, as well as the other people she cares about. Hermione wants good to come into the world- no matter what the cost. Her friends make fun of her for SPEW, but she keeps going because she wants equality for the house elves. (Even if they don't want it themselves.) She has the talent to be able to do almost anything - but she will only do what she feels will make the most good. Hermione will give up everything to stick by her friends and do what she needs to so that everyone can be safe.

DeathlyPromo Hermione.PNGHermione sticks by the rules - we see that a lot in her early years. But as the story goes on, and even in the early books, she can still see the big picture. She knows what needs to happen, and is willing to do anything to meet those ends.

She's incredibly smart, and many people think she should have been in Ravenclaw. But there is more to her than just brains. She knows how to use her mind, and not just be a show off. Yeah, it takes her a little while, but she does learn this.

Hermione is so humble too. She doesn't see just how awesome she is.

She reads- and seriously, have you met me? Who doesn't like a girl who reads?

She also is best friends with a guy- and I can totally understand that. Many of my closest friends are guys and I see them as my brothers. So I love seeing the relationship she has with Harry because when you read the book, you know that they love each other like a brother and sister would. Not many books can do that well, and JK Rowling nailed it.

Hermione is a character I would love to be compared to- flaws and all. I even read once that JK Rowling said that if you understand Hermione, you understand her (JK Rowling) and the story.

By the way - I adore her relationship with Ron. They crack me up with how mad they get at each other!

Some other female characters who deserve a shout out:

Luna Lovegood: I think she's just too adorable for words

Molly Weasley: um... greatest mom EVER. Well, other than my mom of course.

Lavendar Brown: I know she's ridiculously annoying, but you have to admit it's pretty hilarious.

Professor McGonagall: She's strict, stern, and pretty intimidating. But she's an amazing teacher and will do anything for her students, and understands how to be just and fair. 


  1. Totally agree. I identified with Hermione right away, for not wanting to break the rules, for caring about her grades, for reading a lot, for hanging out with guys... And she's just an awesome character overall.

  2. I love Ron and Hermione too. They are so funny the way they fight.

  3. As much as I love Hermione and the relationship between her and Ron, I'd have to say my favourite female character is Ginny. Gotta love a girl who can hex your face with flying bogies! ;)

  4. I wish I was Molly Weasley. :)


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