Sunday, June 19, 2011

You're A Prefect? We Had NO IDEA!

By the way - if you're already bored reading about Harry Potter everyday, feel free to contact me about guest posting this summer! :D

And moving on...

Day 5: Least Favorite Male Character and Why

This one was also almost too easy. Not as easy as yesterdays... but pretty close.

Percy Weasley

No one likes him. He's just a jerk. At the beginning of the series, Percy is simply annoying. He's kinda there, and weird, and pretentious, but you deal with him. He's even a decent comic relief at times. But as the books go on - he's so pig headed and so wrapped up in his pursuit of power that he doesn't see what's really going on and what he's supporting. He treats his family, and Harry like crap during this time, when all they want is to love him - even if they don't see eye to eye all the time.

Yeah... in the end he turns around. But come on! Most of the time you can't tell if he actually cares about his family, or simply his own rise to power and making sure he looks good. Lame. How he got a girlfriend in Chamber of Secrets, is beyond me.


  1. Ohhhhh I would be honored to do a guest post!!!!

  2. Agreed, Percy is definitely a knob head. Although I think I'd have to go with Lockhart as my least favourite male character - he's just so ANNOYING!

  3. @Dylan that would be amazing! Would you be able to email me so I can contact you better?

    @Melbourne he really is! And while I also cannot stand Lockheart, it just shows how well written he is cause it's amusing how stupid he is. Percy just makes me mad whenever I think of him.

  4. Definitely not bored of reading about Harry Potter everyday :)


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